4 Easy Ways to Sell Your Truck for Parts and Get Top Dollars

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Edgar Moulton.


Edgar Moulton. Car Expert

“How do I sell my truck for parts for cash?” is a frequent question when getting rid of a worn-out car or dealing with a car after a road mishap. In this article, you will find a structured guide on what to do and how to get a top-dollar deal. 

Sell my Truck for Parts Online vs. at the Dealership

Eco-friendly trends are all the rage, and the used-car market is booming. But selling a truck for parts has never been easier. Here are options to stifle the confusion — online and the dealership. 

The former option seems easy and fast. A simple Google search must do the trick. Yet, it is knotty to get lost in the void of the World Wide Web alone. If you do, you have the option to sell your pickup truck for parts, and the best way is to opt for the dealership. Only a dealer can promise you a secure transaction and spare you from scammers.

Find below why you should turn to a trusted dealer for help:

Saving Time

Time is a priceless tool in any business. Nobody wants to fiddle around with never-ending calls and ads. Selling a used truck for parts takes much effort. Remember, experts can provide trouble-free aid.

No Need For Repairs 

To sell your car, for parts or as a whole, it should be in perfect condition. With the dealership, you will be in black, as their experts will take care of all preparations before the sale. 

A Trusted Place 

When recycling cars for money, choose a place with integrity and superior client service. A trusted dealership service makes a full check-up of your vehicle before offering a price. Moreover, a respected company will deal with lenders and handle all frustrating paperwork.

A Fair Price

If you cannot stand back-and-forth haggling, leave it to professionals. Clients desire to sell their truck parts for top dollar, but they are unaware of myriad nuances. Dealers know and can show how much your vehicle is worth. Doing profitable business is always a pleasure with them. 

Where Can I Sell My Broken Truck for Top Dollar?

Some say selling a truck may have pitfalls. Let us present the best options for how you can do it and show that it is easier than you can imagine.  

“For Sale” sign 

Oldie but goldie way is to put an ad in a local newspaper or a sign on a driveway so that it will spread word of mouth. Mind that it can be time-consuming. What’s more, solo bargaining and the paperwork are sometimes difficult and confusing.


Those who claim “selling my truck for parts for cash online is fast and modern” are in the unknown. There are, of course, buyers who look for damaged or junk cars, but so are the sellers and the competition on the market is stiff. Even if you decide to go online, fix your vehicle first — repaired cars look more attractive to buyers. 


An effective way to dispose of an old truck with a broken rod or catalytic converter is a junkyard. Do not settle too fast, and try to find options to compare. The catch is that it takes forever to compare quotes from different junkyards, the payment is low, and some may be unreliable. 

Car Dealership 

If your priority is an excellent deal, turn to a dealer. Always double-check the Book Value of a vehicle on what a dealer may pay for your car. Dealerships work efficiently and get cash quickly to their customers. Also, your car dealer can propose a trade-in, meaning you can sell your vehicle and get a new one at the same place.

How to Sell your Truck for Parts for Top Cash

Some may decide that selling my truck for parts fast is a better option than trying to sell the whole vehicle. However, the steps remain unclear to them. Here is what you should do:


Start cleaning up the interior and exterior of the car (if your car looks good, then its parts will be more attractive to buyers). Next, write down all the advantages and disadvantages of your truck. Remember to note all added features and accessories. Such a detailed preparation will guarantee you the best deal. 

Make an Assessment 

Estimate a truck yourself first. You can use the Car Value Calculator to find your track's approximate price. Knowing that will give you an additional advantage during negotiations.  

Schedule a Meeting 

No matter which method you choose to make a sale, always arrange an appointment. Use it as a chance to check the paperwork and other additional details for the deal.

Seal The Deal

If the offer meets your expectations, take it. If it doesn’t come near your needs — feel free to continue research or negotiation during the meeting. 

How Much Are Your Truck for Parts Worth?

The financial aspect is important when you sell a truck for parts. An old truck is worth parting out to increase the profit. Follow these steps to know how much you can make out of it:


Not everyone can make a mechanical assessment of their truck without proper tools and knowledge. Make a general overview of a truck’s condition. Find out if it needs a cosmetic fix or a major repair. Remember: in case of severe damage, you will not sell your truck for parts for top dollar, not even saying about the whole. 

Truck Type and Worth 

The model and year of the truck can determine the truck’s worth. Check the current value of the truck and consider whichever condition it is in now. You can read our guide on how to determine the salvage value of a car, so you can appropriately accept a fair offer.

Parts In High Demand 

You can always sell the truck for parts for cash, but only will you make a profit if you know what is in demand. Also, be careful when removing the parts yourself — it is better to trust skilled mechanics. For the already removed parts, you can get the following approximate prices:

  • Engine is worth $1,000-$3,000 (mileage and type dependent);
  • Transmission costs $250 (mileage dependent);
  • Seats are $80 (depending on conditions);
  • Airbags are up to $150 (depending on the type).

Parts in considerable demand:

  1. The Engine is the heart of a truck. It is the source of energy despite the state of a car. After a successful inspection, a second-hand engine can be re-sold. 
  2. The Transmission is a delicate component of each car. No wonder they are in great demand, as they break pretty often. Also, it is a quite costly car element. 
  3. The Catalytic Converter has been popular in the USA since 1975 because of its ability to minimize pollutants a car produces. Catalytic Converter uses expensive metals like platinum, palladium, and rhodium. Hence, it is a pricey scrap. 


An integral part of any deal is paperwork. A selling process will require documents that you are the owner of a said vehicle, title, and registration. The car without these vital documents will cost significantly less. 

Whole Car or For Parts 

How you choose to sell a broken truck for parts results in the amount of money you can get. Everything depends on the condition of the car and its parts. In short, the whole car in good condition will cost more, however, selling it as a whole is a longer process than finding a buyer for parts.

Consider JunkCarsUs Your Trusted Partner

Still pondering where to sell a truck for parts — look no further. Contact JunkCarsUs, and we will solve any issues you might have. In our practice, we have bought cars after road accidents, those with electrical and mechanical issues, and shabby cars. We provide fair prices, experienced professionals, and friendly service. At JunkCarUs we buy used cars and pay attention to details. 


What is the best way to sell my crashed truck?

If your car is in such a condition that repairing it will overcome the price of the whole vehicle, you should consider selling it for parts. Some parts can be in high demand and cost a hefty sum.

Where is the best place to sell my truck for parts?

Even in our digital era, it is best not to meddle with online selling and contact a reliable partner, such as JunkCarsUs, who will buy your car. Working with professionals is always the best choice, as they give high quotes and take all the hassle.

How do I sell my truck for parts?

Get in touch with dealerships, junkyards or salvage yards to inquire about the price they can pay for your truck in its current condition. Another option is putting up ads in your area or online.

What companies buy trucks for parts in any condition?

Companies like JunkCarsUs buy cars in less-than-perfect condition. Despite the damage, you can always receive a good offer.

How much is my truck for parts worth?

There are too many factors to consider to give even the approximate price. These factors are vehicle type and brand, mileage, demand for parts, condition of the car and its parts, etc.

Edgar Moulton.


Edgar Moulton. Car Expert

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