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Examples of our junk car estimation

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Vehicle Minimum Paid Maximum Paid
Chevrolet TrailBlazer, 2005 435 2100
Honda Accord, 2003 550 2750
BMW - 320, 1981 250 2675
Ford ZX2, 1987 325 975
Chevrolet Equinox, 2008 680 2900
BMW - 325, 2004 475 3250
Ford Explorer, 1994 425 4300
Dodge Neon, 2003 500 1900
Honda Accord Hybrid, 2005 575 2375
Hyundai Sonata, 2009 475 2100
Acura TL, 1996 450 2100
Ford - E350, 1993 350 2300
Chrysler Avanti, 2002 375 1275
Nissan Maxima, 2006 725 2350
Nissan Sentra, 2007 425 1900
Ford Bronco, 1996 450 3700
Jeep Wrangler, 2014 2300 11000
Ford - F-150, 2005 750 7250
GMC 1500, 1990 1100 4300
Pontiac Firebird, 1987 775 2350
Volkswagen Beetle, 1999 475 3750
Toyota Avalon, 2001 450 3500
BMW - 528, 2013 725 9500
Ford MazdaSpeed3, 1988 275 975
Pontiac Sunfire, 2002 475 2100
BMW - 328, 2011 675 3400
Dodge - Ram 1500, 1999 875 3150
Jaguar Vanden Plas, 1997 475 3250
Nissan Sentra, 2004 375 1300
Chevrolet Impala, 2009 475 2100
Ford Expedition (all), 2004 675 3200
Isuzu Trooper, 2001 475 2300
Honda Odyssey, 2003 650 1900
Chevrolet TrailBlazer, 2007 650 2650
Ford Crown Victoria, 2001 475 2700
Kia Amanti, 2005 750 1900
Ford Thunderbird, 1985 675 1900
Chrysler Sebring, 2002 325 1900
Chevrolet - Van, 1978 275 975
Ford - F-150, 2001 675 3700
Hyundai Elantra, 2006 425 2300
Honda Civic, 1998 325 1900
Ford Focus, 2014 475 1900
Nissan Murano, 2004 675 2300
Kia Sedona, 2009 325 1900
Ford Explorer Sport Trac, 2003 575 2300
Honda Civic, 2002 425 3250
Saturn SC, 1999 275 1100
Kia Soul, 2014 650 2100
GMC Sierra Trucks, 2000 375 2350

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2003 Toyota RAV4

2003 Toyota RAV4
Service date: May 13, 2024
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We’re open Mon-Fri: 8 am - 8 pm, Sat: 8 am - 3 pm

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You Can Sell Your Salvage Car for Cash Right Now

If your salvage car is turning out to be an embarrassing drive that breaks down at the drop of a hat, it’s time you consider putting your salvage car for sale.

We at JunkCarsUs are a leading salvage car buyer that offers to buy all kinds of salvage cars. All you need to do is get in touch with us, and you can consider your salvage car sold. 

Irrespective of the engine's condition, dilapidated body, or even in case of missing car parts, we vouch to offer the top dollar paid for your salvage car. You can be sure that we always assess your vehicle’s condition accurately and that there are no hidden costs. With our help, you can stop asking — where can I sell my salvage car? We are your answer.

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How Can I Quickly Sell My Salvage Car?

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Give us a call

We're a top salvage car buyer with top stuff to make the process easy and quick. Our managers will solicit a few basic details of your car, such as mileage, year of manufacturing, brand name, etc.

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Get an instant offer

Taking into account the information provided about your salvage car, we generate an instant quote for you. We aim to offer the highest price for your salvage car with no hidden fees.

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Our pick-up staff arrives at your location

We can arrange for a same-day pick-up of your car or at any other time of your convenience. After that, our staff deals with the paperwork and pays you the amount in hard cash.

Who Buys Salvage Cars Near Me? 

Depending on how long you have been searching, you may already be tired of typing “how to sell my salvage car for cash” in your browser. It can become stressful and truly overwhelming if you don’t know where to look. Many buyers offering cash for salvage cars engage sellers in a lengthy buying process that involves multiple visits to their location, inspections, and endless haggling.

Well, not us! We buy salvage cars through a simple and easy process that involves just one single visit and absolutely no negotiation. If you’re wondering, “Will this service be available in my area?” we reach you in any part of town. Regardless of your location, if you have a salvage car to sell, we are at your doorstep.

We have had a lot of our customers call in to ask, “I want to sell my salvage car. But, can I sell my car without a title?” and the answer is always yes! Our friendly and experienced staff helps you obtain a duplicate title, after which the sale process to transfer your salvage car to us for money is done in a jiffy!

Our experience in this domain has led us to create a sales procedure that ensures maximum satisfaction and experience for you from your interaction with us. We believe that getting rid of an old or damaged car should be quick and easy. Get a quote for your salvage car from us to see how much you can earn!

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Sell Salvage Cars to

Don’t let a wrecked car jeopardize your driving experience and stall your plans. We provide the perfect solution to sell your wrecked car – just call us! We would be happy to buy any and every salvage car, irrespective of its damage or model. Our company is a trusted salvage car buyer, has engaged with and satisfied thousands of car sellers over 30 years of our operations by offering:

  • No hidden costs. Our process is designed in a way to ensure there is no surprise hidden costs. We factor in all paperwork and transportation costs in our offer to you, ensuring you make a decision based on just one price. 
  • Same day free pick-up. We offer to pick-up your salvage car on the same day of providing you a quote, ensuring your salvage car converts to hard cash in the fastest way possible!
  • Expert team. Our specialists are well-experienced in this field and know all the details that may affect the car's value.

We recommend that you don’t postpone selling a wrecked car if you want to earn decent money for it. Sell your salvage car online fast and get paid today.

(855) 547-1550

Where Can I Sell My Salvage Car?

Where can I sell my salvage vehicle and be sure that I get a complete range of services? The answer is JunkCarsUs! Our company has an impressive 30-year experience in buying junk vehicles. We purchased every junk car you can think of and picked up vehicles from numerous locations in the United States. Our company has grown significantly over the years, which means that we have plenty of experts who perform their work fast. 

When you choose our team to get rid of your car, you get:

  • An accurate and fair evaluation of the vehicle’s condition.
  • Quick payment the moment we arrive to collect your vehicle.
  • Free towing even from remote locations. 
  • Responsive customer support who can explain all the details. 
  • There are no restrictions on the types of cars we purchase in terms of size and conditions.  

A lot of people wonder — why it is a better idea to sell a car to a junk car buyer instead of fixing it, bringing it to a junkyard, or selling it for parts. Here’s what you should know.  

Fixing a damaged vehicle may be too expensive

Sometimes it’s difficult to even tell how much money you will invest in a car after an accident. New problems often become apparent over time and can significantly drain your budget. If an expert evaluates your car and decides that it will cost more to fix it than it’s worth, you should definitely sell it.

Selling to a junkyard is less profitable and convenient

Average junkyards may be on the list of places where to sell salvage cars, but they are not the best option for a few reasons. They don’t offer as many services as junk car buyers. You will have to take your car to a junkyard on your own, which can be both time-consuming and expensive. Another reason is that junkyards pay less compared to professional junk car buyers, so it’s not a good option when you want to earn more. 

Leaving a car in your yard is a bad idea 

You should keep in mind that the condition of your car doesn’t get better while you consider whether to sell it. The more time it is left unmaintained and developing rust, the less money you will earn for it, so a better strategy is to sell your car as quickly as possible. 

Taking a vehicle apart is not the best solution

If you don’t have experience in the field, taking your car for parts and then trying to find buyers for it is not the best idea. You will waste a lot of time looking for buyers, and there are no guarantees that you will find them. It all depends on how valuable and in demand those parts are. It is easier and more profitable to sell whole vehicles to companies that buy salvage cars, and JunkCarsUs is your best option. 

These are just some reasons why a junk car buyer is a better solution compared to other variants. With a reliable buyer, you don’t waste your time and effort, as there is a well-established process. Contact our JunkCarsUs team, so you can immediately get rid of that clunker you have. 

Do You Want to Sell a Salvage Car For Cash Quickly and Easily?

How can I sell my salvage vehicle without wasting my time and making decent money for it? If you have asked yourself this question, we have a solution for you. All you should do to sell a junk vehicle to JunkCarsUs is:

  • Contact our team via phone number or online form. 
  • One of our team members will note down information about your vehicle and give you a quote based on it. The details you have to provide include the car’s condition, model/make, year, and mileage. 
  • You can then look through the quote and decide whether it is suitable for you.
  • If you are satisfied with the offered price, we will choose the date and time to collect your vehicle. Our team takes care of all the necessary paperwork. 

As you can see, the process is extremely easy and doesn’t require you to do anything special. We ensure that you are well-informed on every step and that there is no confusion. 

Sell a Salvage Vehicle To a Trusted Junk Car Buyer

You may think: “I don’t have any salvage car buyers near me, so I can’t sell my car so easily.” This is far from the truth, as not having a salvage yard next to your house doesn’t mean it should be difficult to sell your junk car. We will always collect a vehicle directly from you, so all you should do is remove your belongings from it. 

Thanks to many years of dedicated work, we have earned the status of a highly-rated salvage car buyer. JunkCarsUs consists of a professional team with experience evaluating various vehicles and putting prices on them. 

Here are some of the benefits that make us stand out from competitors: 

Purchasing vehicles of different models and makes 

You may have already had a situation when you try to sell a junk car to a junkyard, and it turns out that it cannot be accepted. This happens more commonly than you think. At JunkCarsUs, we buy vehicles of various types all the time, so it doesn’t matter which one you want to sell. Some of the car types that we purchase include:

  • Sedans
  • Hatchbacks
  • RVs
  • SUVs
  • Buses
  • Trucks
  • Pickups, and more

High level of expertise and market knowledge 

We know everything about the fast-changing market of junk cars, and our team is always up-to-date on any recent shifts. The expertise of our team members allows them to put the correct prices on cars, so there is no doubt that your vehicle costs as much as we say it does. 

Safe and environmentally-friendly disposal practices 

You may be surprised, but not every salvage vehicle buyer uses the correct disposal methods. It is common for cars to simply end up piled somewhere without proper recycling. At JunkCarsUs, we ensure this doesn’t happen, and we approach each car individually to determine the environmentally-friendly disposal. 

Immediate payments for your car 

Do you need cash without any delays? In this case, you can always rely on JunkCarsUs. Our company’s policy is that we pay for your vehicle right when we arrive at your location to collect it. We think it’s only fair to pay you immediately and we don’t try to postpone this.

Getting rid of a damaged car in time before it loses its value is always a good idea. We help you make this process smooth and unproblematic. Sell salvage vehicles to JunkCarsUs and get the best offer today!


May 26, 2024 Patrick Adams

Wanted to donate my old car. Made an appointment with someone and they did not show up when promised. Figured I would give these guys a call on a whim. They were there within an hour and gave me the cash on the spot. Hope I never have to get rid of an old car again but if I do I am definitely calling junkcarsus.

5.0 / 5
June 4, 2024 Wyatt Washington

Cannot believe how easy this was. Figured that as bad a shape as my car was in these guys were going to laugh and hang up on me. They seriously take care of everything, especially for a car that I just wanted nothing else to do with.

5.0 / 5
June 10, 2024 Cody Jackson

Had an old car to sell but did not want to do a private sale with strangers coming to my house. Called up Junkcarsus and they gave me the price on the phone and it was way better than car dealers I called who kept trying to get me to buy another car from them.

5.0 / 5


How do you determine the value of a salvage car?
As a team who buys salvage vehicles every day, we have developed an accurate system of assessing the salvage value of each car. We look at how old a vehicle is, the extent of its damage, etc. Then, we also pay attention to the market prices for metal, parts, and other factors that influence the cost.
Do I need to provide any documents when selling my salvage car?
You should provide your car title when you sell a salvage car for cash. If you don’t have this document and still want to sell your vehicle, you should contact our team, and we will help you get any duplicates and will deal with other paperwork.
Can you pick up my salvage car from a remote location?
Definitely! We collect vehicles from rural areas and remote locations regularly. You don’t need to think about hiring someone to tow your car to us, as we will always get to your place to collect your vehicle. We also work in different states, so it doesn’t matter where you live.

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