Top 10 Most Dangerous Cars In the World and Reasons to Call Them That

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Edgar Moulton.


Edgar Moulton. Car Expert

Anything that moves on the road at high speed could be dangerous. So no wonder that modern auto manufacturers make driving safety a top priority. They meticulously polish design aspects and protection features to ensure maximum comfort and a safe driving experience.  

Yet, automobile safety standards were not always as high as today. Carmakers used to put sales and profits above safety to compete successfully on the market

To give you an idea of how automobile safety has evolved over time, we’ve created our  list of the most dangerous cars in the world. Covering the most unsafe cars of all time, it also embraces a few modern models with safety issues.  

The World’s ‘Most Unsafe Cars’ Rating

The automobile industry is booming. Cars come in multiple shapes, designs, and price categories to match literally any customer's needs and demands. However, at all times, vehicles used to perform differently. While some appear to be the hardest cars to work on, others pop up on the list of unreliable cars or even the most dangerous cars ever made

What is the most unsafe car? Vehicle safety is estimated based on crash results and design features meant to prevent collisions. Also, experts analyze the data of accidents involving the given vehicle and their consequences.  

To create an impartial and unprejudiced ranking of the most dangerous cars ever, we rely on documented stats on damage and fatal accidents caused by the vehicles described below. 

10. Chevrolet Corvette

Launched as a “dream car” back in 1953, Corvette is still far from being an ordinary vehicle. This Chevy is a chic beast that comes at an affordable price. Therefore, it is a  much loved car by younger males and adventurous drivers who have a need for speed. 

A lot of power under the hood and excellent design make it an appealing sports car. Yet, narrow tires are not a match for aggressive driving. The vehicle lacks stability at high speeds and will increase the risk of an accident. 

9. Geely CK1

Though not the most unsafe car in the world, this model is on our list for a perfectly good  reason. In endeavors to enhance their presence in the global automobile market, Chinese manufacturers didn’t make safety their priority, but simply sought to create a budget-friendly car. 

Geely CK1 is one of the few vehicles that received t a zero NCAP rate for driver and passenger protection. It was only after the acquisition of Volvo in 2010 that things changed, and Geely caught up with high international safety standards. 

8. DeLorean DMC-12

Many “Back to the Future” fans craved the  DeLorean DMC-12. However, it turned out that fame and popularity had nothing to do with safety. Winged doors are the major feature of the car’s futuristic design and its biggest flaw at the same time. 

Not equipped with safety mechanisms, the doors would lock  the driver inside the car in case of an accident. the windows are too small preventing any emergency exit. . So, getting out of the vehicle without a rescue team would be nearly impossible.

With much appeal to it, the legendary DeLorean DMC-12 has become one of the most unsafe cars ever made. 

7. Pontiac Fiero

Stylish and posh, Pontiac Fiero would have had all the chances to become a bestseller if it were not for safety problems. Sold only from 1983 to 1988, this model has earned a bad reputation as an easily flammable vehicle.  

Oil leaking over the hot engine caused 260 reported flare-ups. For that reason, in 1988, Pontiac ceased the Fiero production. 

6. Yugo G-V

It’s hard to resist purchasing a cheap car. This fact made Yugo GV an auto market leader in America back in the mid-80s. GV in the model’s name stands for “great value”, and the car really boasted an extremely low price tag. 

However, it’s a loss when a low price hugely compromises quality. Low-quality materials and poor design combined with a lack of front protection made the Yugo GV extremely unsafe to drive. And safety issues were further aggravated by carburetor fuel, causing air pollution that put an end to Yugo GV on US roads. 

5. Audi 5000

German cars are distinguished by excellent reliability and refined design. The same is true for Audi vehicles, much loved by those who value the ultimate safety on the road. However, Audi 5000 put the German car manufacturer at stake in the 80s. 

A serious problem with the engine, which accelerated the car uncontrollably, caused over 600 accidents from 1978 to 1986. Eventually, the manufacturer solved the issue, and today, safety locks introduced to prevent auto-drive are a must for all vehicles. 

4. Toyota Yaris

We bet you’ve spotted a lot of these little two-door cars from Toyota on the roads from 2005 to 2010. A budget-friendly hatchback with a cute design quickly won over the hearts  of female drivers. 

On the negative side, the Yaris became No.1 in personal injury claims. Faulty engines, airbag wiring problems, driver seat fixture issues, and low-quality seatbelts created the reputation of most dangerous car for this company. 

3. Ford Pinto

The US version of the European Capri, Ford Pinto, was certainly not a pinnacle of engineering skill. Widely advertised as a compact, comfortable, affordable, and reliable city vehicle, the car was not safe at all. 

A fuel tank placed too close to the rear axle was a disaster waiting to happen,  even under minor rear-end collisions. This flaw led to multiple Pinto explosions in the mid and late 70s. 

2. Chevrolet Vega

Surprisingly, a runner-up on our world’s most dangerous car list is another Chevy. The Vega became the junk car sellers’ nightmare and popped up in the worst cars of all time rating from Forbes. 

Back in the 1980s, the Vega was notorious for huge engine problems and significant structural integrity issues caused by severe rust. No other car showed so many signs of rust here and there within a five-year period as the Chevy Vega. 

1. Ford Bronco II 

What is the most dangerous car in history? Now you know the answer. It’s the Ford Bronco II. Manufactured from 1983 to 1990, this model appeared as the carmaker’s answer to the market call for a compact SUV. Yet, this vehicle is popular rather for what is bad than what is good. . 

Featuring a higher rugged body, the model was prone to roll-over. So, fitting into a tight turn was a risky maneuver that cost the life of more than one driver. . 

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Final Thoughts

Despite extremely high safety standards and regulations established for the automobile industry today, some modern cars still have safety issues. They might feel minor as compared to those we’ve described. However, you should never compromise your safety. So, monitor the car safety ratings and scrupulously check the safety features when purchasing a new vehicle.   


What is the safest car for a crash?

Car crashworthiness is determined by the Insurance Institute of the Highway Safety (IIHS) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) through various tests aimed at estimating potential risks and car design effectiveness.

Volvo has been known for outstanding safety features for decades and is still on the safest car list in 2022. The S60 and the V60 in sedan and hatchback configurations offer thigh crash survival ratings. Other makes with 5-star safety rankings are Subaru Outback, Tesla Model Y, and Lexus NX.

Are bigger cars safer in accidents?

It’s  true. Heavier cars with longer front end offer better protection in accidents, absorbing energy during crashes and minimizing the force impact on people inside vehicles.

What car brand has the most accidents?

The most dangerous car brand in 2022 is Dodge Ram, with a 17% accident probability, and it’s the highest rate of cars getting likely to end up in accidents. Other brands of unsafest cars are Subaru, Volkswagen, Mazda, and Hyundai.

Edgar Moulton.


Edgar Moulton. Car Expert

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