We Buy Damaged Cars

We Buy Damaged Cars

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Examples of our junk car estimation

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Vehicle Minimum Paid Maximum Paid
Kia Sedona, 2003 325 2100
Mitsubishi Outlander, 1993 275 750
Honda Civic, 1999 675 1350
Dodge Neon, 2001 550 2100
Chevrolet Impala, 1971 250 1200
Kia Sportage, 2012 675 3700
Hyundai Elantra, 2007 450 1900
Honda Passport, 2004 325 1900
Chevrolet - Silverado 1500, 1999 675 3250
BMW - X3, 2008 3200 9700
Buick Regal, 1989 325 1350
Ford Escape, 1987 300 1550
Chrysler Avanti, 2002 375 1275
Toyota Camry, 2004 425 1900
Ford Windstar, 1991 350 2100
Ford Mustang, 1979 250 1750
Chevrolet Impala, 2007 475 2300
Ford Econoline Vans, 1981 250 750
Nissan Maxima, 2006 325 1900
GMC Sonoma, 1998 775 4750
Mazda Tribute, 2003 375 1375
Cadillac CTS, 2004 375 2200
Nissan Versa, 2011 325 1300
BMW 3-Series, 2007 525 3200
BMW - 528, 2013 725 9500
Cadillac CT6, 2006 375 2350
Honda Fit, 1992 275 975
Nissan Altima, 2007 575 2350
Chevrolet 1500, 1999 775 3100
Pontiac G6, 2009 475 2700
Saturn Aura, 2007 425 1900
Hyundai Elantra, 2007 425 2300
Chrysler LeBaron, 1985 375 1350
Chevrolet Equinox, 2007 775 4300
Toyota Cressida, 1986 225 1200
Jeep Liberty, 2004 975 3100
Dodge - Ram 1500, 2006 575 5795
Chevrolet Camaro, 1987 625 3100
Mazda MX-5 Miata, 1995 550 2300
BMW - 328, 2011 775 7200
Cadillac STS, 2005 850 3900
Saturn SC, 2001 275 1900
Chrysler Town & Country, 2008 750 2350
Cadillac ATS, 2012 300 1200
Nissan Murano, 2004 675 2300
Buick LeSabre, 2000 600 1900
Ford - F-150, 2001 950 7500
Ford Focus, 2003 475 1900
Mitsubishi Galant, 2003 650 1900
Honda CR-V, 1999 325 2350

Types of vehicles we buy

Recently Purchased Vehicles

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1987 Ford Mustang

1987 Ford Mustang
Service date: June 17, 2022
Service area:

Customer Ranking:

2014 Kia Optima

2014 Kia Optima
Service date: July 28, 2022
Service area:

Customer Ranking:

2003 Hyundai Santa Fe

2003 Hyundai Santa Fe
Service date: July 2, 2022
Service area:

Customer Ranking:

1999 Honda CR-V

1999 Honda CR-V
Service date: June 23, 2022
Service area:

Customer Ranking:

2003 Ford - Expedition

2003 Ford - Expedition
Service date: July 2, 2022
Service area:

Customer Ranking:

2001 GMC Van

2001 GMC Van
Service date: June 26, 2022
Service area:

Customer Ranking:

2005 Chevrolet Equinox

2005 Chevrolet Equinox
Service date: July 28, 2022
Service area:

Customer Ranking:

2013 Mazda Mazda3

2013 Mazda Mazda3
Service date: July 14, 2022
Service area:

Customer Ranking:

We’re open Mon-Fri: 8 am - 8 pm, Sat: 8 am - 3 pm

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We Pay Cash for Damaged Cars

There are plenty of places that claim to buy damaged cars only to give you the runaround on the phone, but we buy broken cars for cash!

It does not matter if your car has dents and scratches, has been in one or even several accidents, or no longer runs. We will pay you cash for a crashed car and offer same-day free pick-up and paperwork done.

If you want to junk a broken car for money and wonder who is a trusted crashed car buyer in your area in the USA, we guarantee top dollar paid for your junker.

How Can I Quickly Sell My Damaged Car?

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Get in touch with us

Wondering how to sell your crashed car with Junkcarsus? If you want to sell your broken car for cash, simply give us a call or fill out our online form. Let us know the make, model, mileage, and condition of the car.

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Get an instant offer

Once we have the information about your non-working, damaged, or broken vehicle, we will instantly calculate your quote. There are no hidden fees, no surprise costs, and no markdowns. The price we give you over the phone is the price we will pay you.

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Make a pick-up appointment

Free pick-up. Free paperwork. Our friendly staff will set up a time to come to you. We will take a look at your car to verify the details you gave us about your car and pay you cash. We buy your crashed car and take it away all in one day. Simple as that.

Who Buys Damaged Cars Near Me?

We buy damaged cars, and we are the area's leaders in getting you the best price for your broken-down junk car. Give us a call and see how you can:

  • Sell us wrecked or even totaled cars with broken windows and get top dollar paid
  • Sell us cars that do not run for metal
  • Sell us a salvage car that you only think is good for parts

Maybe you are asking can I sell my car without a title? Yes, we are the damaged car buyer who'll buy your damaged vehicle whether it's the body, front or any other kinds of damage.

Our Values

our values

Free Pickup

We won’t charge you for the junk truck pick-up or towing. These perks are provided as soon as you agree to your junk car’s price. This initiative is part of our top-notch service to you. We don’t just offer the highest price for your junk cars, but we also provide for the smoothest junk car transaction.

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Customer Service Satisfaction

Getting a team that does your junk car's disposal may be very peculiar to some, but our company made it easy. We know how important immediate action is for your junk car removal, so our team of 24-hour junk car buyers can help you with your initial queries and needs.

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Highest Pricing Guaranteed

Having provided scrap car services for almost 30 years, we have already created a reputation for offering the Highest Price on the market for your junk car. Our in-depth experience and thousands of satisfied clients are the ultimate proof of our excellent service and customer-oriented approach

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High Standards

Being in the business for 30 years, our team of professionals works to meet your needs. Your junk cars will be handled securely, safely, and professionally.

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Free Paperwork

We cover all the requirements necessary for the turnover of your junk car to us, as well as the transfer of ownership. As we offer you a junk car removal service, we commit to the transparency of our transaction. You just need to sign, and the rest of the work is ours.

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Same Day Service

Our team is standing by and ready to spring into action. If you have a clunker of a car that you want to be rid of, we will gladly swoop in and take it off your property. Just say the word, and your junk car problem will be done within the day. Give us a call, and we will be right there to help you junk your truck for the best price.

Find out what your Junk car is worth in seconds. Fill out information below: We’re open Mon-Fri: 8 am - 8 pm, Sat: 8 am - 3 pm

A Perfect Place to Sell a Damaged Car — Junkcarsus

If you have decided to sell a broken junk car, we promise you will not find a better price anywhere. With our 30 years of experience in this industry, you will find a car selling experience that is second to none. Junkcarsus is the best place to sell a crashed car for cash. Scrap your broken car once and for all.

  • A first-rate team. We have spent years assembling and training a top-notch team of customer service professionals. They are more than fully prepared to answer any questions and get you promptly scheduled to sell your car at a time that suits you best.
  • A seamless experience. Some companies may tell you that they will pay a king’s ransom to buy your damaged car, but they lower the price after they see your car. We stand by our word, and when we make you an offer, that is the price we will pay you!
  • Lightning-quick. When we say same-day service, we mean it. When you get in touch with us about selling your damaged car, we can set the appointment, pay you cash and tow your old damaged car that very day! 


Alexandra Price
July 14, 2022

When my RV finally stopped running, I really did not know what to do with it. It seemed stupid to pay somebody to come to pick it up and salvage it for me so I did some research. Found this removal service and filled out an online form. Within minutes they had called me back with an offer for my car and picked it up that very day. Great service!

5.0 / 5
Timothy Thomas
July 22, 2022

My last car did not pass smog and the quote I got to fix it was through the roof. Figured it was time to just get something else and figured I couldn’t sell it or trade it in without smog. Called Junkcarsus and they gave me a fair price and the whole thing was done the same day.

5.0 / 5
Allison Gonzales
July 18, 2022

Kind of worried about using this service at first. Figured they would give me a price for my old car and then try to lowball me when they showed up. Could not be more wrong! Gave them my details and the quote they gave is what they paid when they showed up, no questions asked.

5.0 / 5
Jenna Patterson
July 19, 2022

As a woman, I’ve always been a little apprehensive when it comes to car issues. My old car was constantly having problems and I just felt like I was throwing good money after bad fixing it all the time. Called this company and it was great. No pressure and good info. Would definitely recommend them!

5.0 / 5
Amber Taylor
July 4, 2022

Have a truck that has over 300,000 miles on it. Won’t mention the brand but you can probably guess with the milage. Figured to just let someone take it for scrap but "Junkcarsus" actually gave us some money for it and they towed it too!

5.0 / 5
Katherine Harris
June 13, 2022

Seriously could not be easier! Not only do they give you a good price but our guy showed up with all the paperwork we would need and filled it out for us. All we had to do was sign and they took the car!

5.0 / 5
Jaden Sanchez
July 8, 2022

Prompt and efficient junk removal services – they were the only service that agreed to remove my beaten up Toyota that’s been occupying space after the accident!

5.0 / 5
Julia Henderson
June 9, 2022

Value for money services and friendly staff that help you through the paperwork with a smile. Junkcarsus is definitely my go-to for any car removal needs : )

5.0 / 5
Mason Diaz
June 26, 2022

Junkcarsus team noted that I left mechanics kit and speakers in my old van and handed all the stuff to me before taking my car. That’s what I call attention to the details. Thank you, guys!

5.0 / 5


How is the price of a damaged car determined before selling?

Although the value of each car is calculated individually, setting the damaged car worth is always factual and justified. The salvage price of a damaged vehicle is estimated with an online scrap metal valuer, which is based on the Kelly Blue Book retail worth and the National Automobile Dealers Association wholesale guidelines. An average value is set for the indicators determined for a damaged car, and the salvage price. JunkCarsUs will offer you the maximum possible money for your car.

What factors do not affect the value of a damaged auto?

Despite the fact that the worth of a damaged car depends on many factors, such as the year, make, model, condition, the market price of scrap metal and materials, and other indicators, there are features that absolutely do not affect the amount of cash you get when selling. Among such characteristics and factors are the gasoline residues, new tires, and brakes. This means that you better empty the gas tank, remove the tires and brakes to use later, or sell separately from the damaged automobile.

How can I figure out how much money I will receive for my damaged car?

The value of the junked car before selling is calculated individually. You can contact our experts and get an instant quote for your vehicle. All you have to do is enter the values for your damaged car and in a few minutes get the highest possible auto price. Our service will require you to specify the Vehicle Identification Number, year, make, model, the condition of the vehicle, and whether your damaged automobile is running or not. JunkCarsUs is guaranteed to make the highest offer for your junk car among all similar companies on the market.

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