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Edgar Moulton.


Edgar Moulton. Car Expert

If you are trying to get rid of your junk car, and its registration is expired, you may wonder what your options are. Read on to see what variants you have and which is the easiest. 

Can I Junk a Car With Expired Registration?

You can junk your car, but you will still owe the money if you did not tell your DMV to revoke the registration. So, if you're going to junk your automobile, turn in your plates and start the process of terminating the registration as soon as possible, so you don't have to pay any more fees.

If you have a junk car that’s been sitting around, but its registration has expired, don’t worry because selling a junk vehicle with an expired registration is possible. There are ways to sell it with no registration, or you can re-register it to get a valid registration and then sell it, but you don’t have to. If your vehicle is unregistered, but you have the title (or can get one from your state’s DMV), that’s all you need as proof of ownership as the seller. So the answer to your question, “can I junk a car with expired registration?” is yes, in most states, but there are other options as well...

#1 Register the car

This is the most straightforward solution to sell or junk a car with expired registration. If you try to sell it privately, the potential buyer will surely want to take it for a test drive before buying it. Because they’ll need to drive the car on the road, it must have a valid registration, making privately selling a car with expired registration a bit of a hassle. Many people won’t agree to a test drive without the car being registered because it is against the law and driving an unregistered car leaves them liable for driving it even if they don’t take ownership of it yet. 

Many people won’t want to buy a car with an expired registration because they’re wary that once they buy it and register it, they’ll find out the car has a bunch of tickets attached to the old registration. 

#2 File for non-operation

“Planned non-operation” is when you, instead of getting your junk car registered for another year, can inform the DMV that you won’t be driving (or parking) it on roads anymore and that you plan on keeping it on your property. This is what people actually mean when they say they’re getting a “junk car registration sticker” or “junk vehicle registration.” So letting your DMV know you are planning to declare your car as “non-operational” is one way of getting rid of junk a vehicle without registration, as the junk car buyer won’t be operating it, either. And at JunkCarsUS, we offer free removal of junk cars without registration, which is good because a non-operational car cannot be driven on the road. We can tow it away legally, however, which is what we will do.

#3 Markdown the price of your car

Call us now at (855) 547-1550
or email us at support@junkcarsus.com

Receive a guaranteed highest-priced quote for your junk car from the best junk car buyer by filling out the form online.

We’re open Mon-Fri: 8 am - 8 pm, Sat: 8 am - 3 pm

If you’re trying to make a private sale, no one in their right mind will buy your car without fully knowing there’s an option for license plate renewal. In most states, a penalty will be applied to the expired registration fee for the new owner, so it’s best to expect them to ask for a discount when they learn this. They also may become uninterested if your car isn’t registered, as it may raise other suspicions about if the title (which you’ll need) is completely clear or if it has a hidden lien on it. 

Then the buyer will have to get the car towed back to their location because they can’t drive it on the road, or you have to wait for them to register it before they drive away with it, extending the selling process even longer. All in all, privately selling a car (especially a junk car) without up-to-date and current registration is very complicated for many reasons. 

We’ll Buy Your Junk Car Fast and Easy

If you want a much easier way of getting rid of your car, consider junking a car with no registration. All we need is proof of ownership, so if you have the title of the car, you’re good to go. And, because we never plan on registering the car again, any past expenses attached to your old registration don’t matter anymore. This means a cost cut for us, so we can offer you top dollar to sell it to our junkyard. We even offer the highest price guarantee out of any junk car service in your area! 

So to answer your question, “Can I junk a car if I haven't paid the registration?” the answer is yes, and your easiest option is to sell it to us at JunkCarsUS. We have been trading cash for junk cars for over 12 years, and with that expertise, we make it as easy as ever to junk your car, even if the registration is expired. 

We have come up with a simple, three-step process for you to pick up some extra cash for your old junk motor vehicle. Here they are…

  1. Contact us! Give one of our friendly team members a call at (855) 547-1550 and find out how much you can get for your junk car. All we need is a little information from you — the year, the make, the model, the mileage, and the condition — and we’ll be able to give you our cash offer right there on the spot. Or use our scrap car value calculator and get your quote in under 90 seconds! 
  2. Accept our offer! With our highest price guarantee, we are sure you will be pleased with our cash offer. And once we make the offer, we’ll never go back on our word. Then arrange a time and a location for us to pick up the car, and we’ll be there, sometimes even on the same day if you need it that fast! 
  3. Free towing! Ask yourself, “will they tow my junk car?” Of course, we will! One of our trusted tow truck drivers will arrive on time and safely tow away your junk car, completely free of cost. He’ll have the paperwork already filled out and ready to sign, so all you have to do is sign once, and that’s it. Pick up your cash, and it’s done. 

It really is that easy to get rid of your junk car, even if it has an expired registration. If you have proof of ownership, we’ll prove to you that we take nearly any car — no matter how broken, damaged, or wrecked they are. We’ll give you a top-dollar offer and a super-easy experience you’ll never forget. 


When I junk a car, do I need registration?

The short answer is no. As long as you have proof of ownership (ideally the title), you can sell us your unregistered junk car.

Can I junk a car with just registration?

In most states, you can junk a car if you have a valid registration and driver’s license to prove you’re the owner.

Who will buy junk cars without the title and registration?

It varies by state, and it’s difficult to accept junk cars without title and registration, but we may be able to prove ownership in other ways. It’s best to call us with your specific situation, and we’ll talk you through what your options are.

Do you have to cancel registration when you junk your car?

When you sell your junk car, it’s best to cancel your registration and return your license plates to the DMV, so you aren’t held responsible for anything that happens after the car is out of your control.

Edgar Moulton.


Edgar Moulton. Car Expert

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