How Many Junk Cars are You Allowed to Own?

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Edgar Moulton.


Edgar Moulton. Car Expert

People may store junk cars on their properties for numerous reasons. Some may be looking for parts, while others are interested in creating a junk car business. Naturally, a question arises — how many junk cars can you have on your property without breaking the law? Whether you need information for yourself or you wonder if your neighbor can have so many inoperable vehicles, here’s what you should know. 

What is a Junk Car?

A junk car is a type of vehicle that has been severely damaged and can be sold only as scrap. Such cars are not worth repairing because of the safety concerns and potential expenses. 

Can You Have a Junk Car on Your Property?

You may be driving past someone’s property, see their junk cars in the front yard, and wonder — is this even legal? According to the storage laws, a person may leave one or two of their junk cars in the enclosed space on their property. One thing to note is that regulations differ depending on each state. In most cases, having multiple cars in your yard is more than likely to cause your neighbors to file complaints and take legal action. 

What’s more, there are numerous disadvantages to the accumulation of junk cars. These vehicles take up a lot of space in the yard, so you have to work your way around it. In the case of emergencies, you have to move freely across your property, and the car may become an obstacle. If you have children, it can also be quite dangerous

In addition, junk cars make your yard look untidy, so your neighbors won’t be happy. 

How Many Junk Cars Are Allowed On Your Property?

How many junk cars are you allowed to own? This is a complex question, and the answer may also differ depending on where you live. From a legal standpoint, junk cars are treated similarly to abandoned cars if you simply leave them on your property for everyone to see. 

The number of old, broken-down cars you can have on your property is two if you want to avoid problems with the law. Also, they should not be visible to neighbors. For this reason, you have to store them in a garage or another enclosed space. When the car becomes a nuisance, you can expect it to be removed from your property. 

What Happens if You Have Too Many Old, Broken Down Cars on Your Property?

The number of junk cars you can have on your property may definitely make your relationship with neighbors strenuous. If such vehicles affect the look of the street you live in or are clearly visible from the neighbors’ houses, you are likely to get complaints. People that constantly see your rusting cars will contact local authorities, so you will have to do something about such vehicles. 

Junk cars in your house can affect ventilation, cause distraction, and can become a source of danger. For this reason, it is best to know how to legally get rid of a junk car before you have to deal with any potential problems. 

Reasons People Have Junk Cars on Their Home

Now that the question of how many junk vehicles you can have on your property is answered, it is interesting to see what are the top reasons why people keep them. 

Keeping the junk car to sell it later

Depending on the car’s condition, a vehicle owner may keep it to sell to the scrap yard. Or, they may be looking for someone to buy specific parts from them. 

Not having enough time or money to take it away

Many people simply don’t have time to get rid of their car, so it ends up staying on their property for longer than expected. Or, they may think that it is expensive to take it away. If you are one of the people who don’t know what to do with a damaged vehicle, you should read our guide for selling a car with mechanical problems

The sentimental value of a car 

Another common reason a person may like to keep an old car is that it is associated with some positive emotions. Whether it is a person’s first car or they used it for traveling, they may not want to get rid of it. 

Is It Legal if My Neighbors Have Junk Vehicles on Their Property?

How many old, broken-down cars can you have on your property? This question bothers numerous people who see their neighbors turning their properties into yards for scrap cars

All vehicles that are inoperable, abandoned, cause distraction, and affect the area's safety have to be either completely removed or stored in a specialized enclosed space. It is definitely not legal to have numerous junk cars in plain sight on the property.

What Can I Do if My Neighbors Have Junk Cars on Their Property?

Seeing neighbors have junk cars on their property is far from pleasant. If you want to do something about it, you should follow the legal procedure.

Initiating the process

To initiate the process, you should file a formal complaint online to the County Marshal or another relevant authority in your state. 


Once the complaint has been verified, a person with junk cars will receive a written warning. The warning describes the type of violation and mentions the terms in which the problem should be corrected. There will also be a re-inspection after the stated date to see if the problem was fixed. 

Enforcement action

If junk cars in neighbor’s yard haven’t been removed, a person may receive a fine, or the court may impose another type of legal action. 

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Where can I throw away a junk car?

It should always be thrown away in specialized places. You can either take it to a scrap yard on your own or choose an easier option — sell it to a professional junk car buyer, like JunkCarsUs.

Is it legal for my neighbors to have junk cars on their property?

It depends on the number of junk vehicles you can have on your property in your state. If your neighbor has numerous junk cars without proper enclosure, you can file a complaint to the local authorities.

How many junk cars can you have on your property?

To avoid problems with the law and with neighbors, you can have no more than one or two junk cars on your territory in the enclosed space.

Why do people keep junk cars in their yards?

Some people may not want to get rid of cars in hopes of repairing them sooner or later. Others may keep them for sentimental value, or they don’t have time to remove them from the property.

What happens if you have too many junk cars on your property?

A person who has many junk cars in their yard is likely to get negative comments from neighbors. Such neighbors' protests will then turn into them filing a complaint to the local authorities, and a person will have to get rid of scrap cars.

Edgar Moulton.


Edgar Moulton. Car Expert

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