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Examples of our junk car estimation

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Vehicle Minimum Paid Maximum Paid
Ford Mustang, 2002 350 2350
Lincoln Continental, 1988 550 2100
Ford Escort, 1986 150 1850
Chrysler Sebring, 2007 650 1975
Volvo S60, 2008 750 3200
Honda Civic, 2003 500 2900
Hummer H3, 2009 675 4500
Mazda MazdaSpeed Miata MX-5, 1994 250 1775
Ford Focus, 2008 425 2100
Chevrolet Suburban, 2002 975 4175
Ford - F-150, 1999 425 7250
Buick Century, 2000 475 2700
Chevrolet - Silverado 1500, 2000 450 1225
Lincoln Navigator, 2004 1100 6350
Dodge Avenger, 2012 475 4700
Ford Aerostar, 1995 375 1275
Dodge W250, 1984 575 2350
Dodge Nitro, 2010 400 2100
Chrysler LeBaron, 1985 375 1350
Hyundai Elantra, 2007 425 2300
Mercedes-Benz - S-Class, 2000 375 3850
Chevrolet 2500, 1991 450 3250
Mazda Tribute, 2003 375 1375
Ford - E350, 1984 275 985
Chevrolet Blazer, 2003 750 2100
Chevrolet Cobalt, 2005 450 1900
Chevrolet 3500, 1990 375 1100
Chrysler Sebring, 2004 350 1900
Saturn Outlook, 2008 750 2300
Ford Focus, 2003 450 2100
Honda Accord, 2000 575 2300
Ford - E350, 1988 450 1850
Toyota 4Runner, 1998 550 2100
Kia Sportage, 2012 675 3700
Mazda Mazda3, 2013 425 1900
Kia Soul, 2014 425 3250
Ford Escape, 2001 575 2100
Lincoln Continental, 1964 200 875
Lincoln Continental, 1967 200 900
Honda Civic, 1998 325 1900
BMW - 328, 2011 775 7200
Ford Crown Victoria, 2009 525 2900
BMW - 328, 2007 575 4250
Ford - F-150, 2001 675 3700
Pontiac Grand Am, 1999 425 2300
Acura MDX, 2005 950 5300
Chevrolet - Van, 1989 500 2100
Chevrolet S-10, 1997 750 4750
Toyota Sienna, 2000 425 2300

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1968 Dodge - Ram 2500
Service date: May 11, 2024
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2002 Ford Mustang

2002 Ford Mustang
Service date: June 7, 2024
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2007 Acura Legend

2007 Acura Legend
Service date: June 9, 2024
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2003 INFINITI - G35

2003 INFINITI - G35
Service date: April 18, 2024
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2004 Honda Odyssey

2004 Honda Odyssey
Service date: May 22, 2024
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2006 Nissan Sentra

2006 Nissan Sentra
Service date: June 11, 2024
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1995 Ford Bronco

1995 Ford Bronco
Service date: June 9, 2024
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1991 Chevrolet 2500

1991 Chevrolet 2500
Service date: May 11, 2024
Customer Ranking:

We’re open Mon-Fri: 8 am - 8 pm, Sat: 8 am - 3 pm

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Looking for a Trusted Wrecked Car Buyer? 

Most owners of wrecked cars drop them off at a dump yard without giving a thought to the fact that they could sell and get cash for them.

If you want to sell a wrecked car in the most responsible way and quickly get cash, our company is at your service.

We at JunkCarsUs pay money for damaged vehicles and make selling them easier than ever before.

We buy wrecked cars of almost any and every kind, no matter the condition, shape, or missing parts!

Our company accepts even those cars that all other buyers refuse. Moreover, we give you the top dollar paid for your wrecked car.

That’s what makes us the most preferred service for wrecked car removal in the US.

(855) 547-1550

How Can I Quickly Sell My Wrecked Car?

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Call us or drop an email

Give us a call and say you'd like to sell your wrecked car for cash. Our friendly staff will ask you some basic details about your vehicle, such as its year, mileage, model, etc.

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We give you an instant quote

Free pick-up, free paperwork. You'll get the total sum of money you will receive for your car. There are absolutely no hidden costs or surprises for you.

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Our staff arranges the same-day pick-up

We will cross-check the information provided by you, process the necessary paperwork, and hand you the cash for your wrecked car before we haul it away.

Don't Know Who Buys Wrecked Cars in Your Area? 

Are you tired of the long process that car buyers are putting you through? What if we told you we would come to your doorstep to buy your wrecked car from you?

That’s right, don’t tug around your broken-down car thinking about how to sell my wrecked car for cash or search in your browser — who buys wrecked cars near me?

We arrive at your doorstep to validate the details of your car, irrespective of your location. Even if you reside outside the city, we will reach you to buy your wrecked vehicle. 

Owners of cars with misplaced titles often find it difficult to sell them.

In such cases, they are forced to dump their cars in a junkyard for free. We can help you get through the process of obtaining a duplicate title for your wrecked car and easily sell the vehicle.

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Find out what your Junk car is worth in seconds. Fill out information below: We’re open Mon-Fri: 8 am - 8 pm, Sat: 8 am - 3 pm

Give Us a Call and Get your Cash

Owners of broken cars often don’t know what to do with them. That’s the reason you see the most beautiful houses with porticos and cozy gardens have wrecked and rusty vehicles parked in the garage. Don’t let your old wrecked cars spoil the picture. Instead, convert it into fast cash by putting your wrecked car for sale. 

You may be one of the drivers who wonder — who will buy my wrecked car? Is it even possible to buy it in such a damaged condition? We have a solution for you! Here’s why you want to choose us to sell your wrecked car:

  • Highest standards. We have been in the business of buying all kinds of junk cars for the highest price for over 30 years now. Our experience, knowledge, and standards of operation have made us the preferred service in the USA.
  • Administration. Our staff is always courteous to ensure a smooth transition of your wrecked car without unnecessary haggling and delays. We offer you one price that’s sure to have you on board with a positive experience of the overall association with us.
  • Fast service. We only need to know a few details about your car, and we will immediately go to you to pick it up!

We recommend you sell a wrecked car when it still maintains some value. With our company, you can always do this easily and quickly.

(855) 547-1550

Why is it Better to Sell a Wrecked Car Than to Fix it? 

There can be several reasons why a car may be considered “wrecked,” but the most common one is that it has been severely damaged in an accident. The extent of damage should be assessed by professionals, so you know whether you should fix it or it’s better to get a new one. 

In the majority of cases, if a car has sustained this much damage, it is a better idea to sell it than to repair it. There are several reasons for that.  

  • A lower level of safety

Even if you invest a lot of money in repairing a seriously damaged vehicle, it will still be less safe compared to one that hasn’t been in any accidents. If you feel that your car’s safety has been compromised, you should consider selling it. 

  • More money on repairs than the car is worth

One of the clearest signs that it’s time to get cash for a wrecked vehicle is that you keep investing more money in your car than it is worth. You may start fixing your car, but new problems pop up over time. If it is obvious that a vehicle is making a hole in your budget, it’s better to let it go while it is still possible to get some cash for it. 

  • Your car is no longer the same 

You may notice that your car has become different even after its repairs. It may develop some rattling, become less responsive, slower, etc. It can also be associated with some bad memories. We believe you should drive a car that brings you joy, so it may be a good idea to get rid of it and find a new one. 

  • Selling your car sooner allows you to earn more 

Your car may be wrecked overall but still have decent metal or some undamaged parts, and if you sell it as quickly as possible, you will earn more for it. Don't let your car sit in your garage, collecting dust, while its value decrease over time, and just sell it to us for quick cash. 

If you have been searching for the “cash value of my wrecked car”, you can use our convenient scrap car value calculator to find out. All you should do is enter basic information about your car (mileage, condition, age), and you will get an estimate. 

Are You Looking For Where to Sell Wrecked Cars?

At JunkCarsUs, our focus is always on your comfort. These are some of the features that make our company a great choice:

  • Our customer support team is friendly and can consult you on all aspects of our price formation, payment options, and other details.
  • Our team is one of those who buys wrecked trucks and sedans equally. We don’t just purchase small cars that are easy to assess, so if you have large vehicles, you can always sell them to us. 
  • We buy cars regardless of whether they have been flooded, wrecked, burned, or are simply old. 
  • Our process is straightforward, and there are no hidden fees. You can clearly see how much you will be paid in a quote. 
  • We offer competitive prices for cars and are always on the lookout for any changes in the market. 
  • Our team works fast, and we make sure there are no delays. If you need immediate cash, JunkCarsUs is the way to go. 

Do you wonder what the process is like when you sell a wrecked vehicle to us? This is our simple step-by-step guide:

  • You should first contact our team by using an online form or calling us. 
  • We will provide you with a free quote based on the information you provide about your vehicle. 
  • Next, you look through the quote and decide if you want to sell your car for that money.  
  • You will then choose a date (either same-day pickup or any other) when we collect your vehicle from you. Any towing is performed by us for free. 
  • We will pay you when we arrive to take your car, so you don’t have to wait for your payment. 

We ensure the best level of convenience

With our help, you don’t have to look for “who buys wrecked cars near me.” We make sure that the experience of selling your car is as easy for you as it can be. Once you get in touch with our team, we will take the burden from you and deal with everything from paperwork to collecting your vehicle. 

We purchase vehicles all over the United States

We purchase junk vehicles in all states except for Puerto Rico and Alaska, so you can get in touch with our company even if you move to another state. We have professional teams at all our spots, so you can expect the same level of service regardless of where you live. 

We buy vehicles of different types and sizes 

Have you asked yourself — who buys wrecked SUVs? Or maybe you wonder — can I sell my damaged hatchback? At JunkCarsUs, we purchase cars regardless of their makes and models. What is more, we even buy larger vehicles, such as RVs, buses, trucks, and vans. With our help, you can quickly get cash for any car that you may have and free up space in your garage. 

Sell your wrecked vehicle to our company and get paid immediately! 

We Know Places That Buy Wrecked Cars

At JunkCarsUs, we don’t just trade wrecked cars for cash. Our goal is to make sure that you are fully satisfied with the provided services and get the highest level of convenience. Our company has been purchasing vehicles of different types for 30 years, so we know exactly what we are doing. The expertise of our specialists comes from experience, careful market analytics, and attention to detail. 

Understanding of the market and experience

Just like in any other field, the market for junk vehicles is ever-changing. Everything from the metal's demand to how fast technologies get outdated affects the potential price of your junk vehicle. Our extensive market experience allows us to form prices for all cars accurately. In this way, you can be sure you are not being underpaid for a vehicle you decide to sell us. 

Eco-friendly disposal of junk vehicles 

If you want to be confident that your car’s impact on the environment is minimal, it must be recycled according to modern standards. When you get rid of your wrecked car with our help, we will carefully examine your vehicle to determine how it should be recycled. The exact process depends on the condition of your car, and we always find the most eco-friendly solution. 

Same-day payments 

There are companies out there that offer same-day pickup, but not all of them pay you on the same day as well. JunkCarsUs is one of the places that buy wrecked cars and pay you right away. If you choose to be paid in cash, you will receive your money when we arrive to collect your vehicle. The same goes for other payment methods that you may pick. 

Trading in a wrecked car doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. Sell your junk vehicle to us today and get your money without any delays!


May 6, 2024 Sara Bryant

My 19 years old Chevy had been in three different accidents. When I started making calls to see if I could sell it, most people would not give me the time of day. As a last resort, I called Junkcarsus.com and was amazed that not only were they willing to take my car, they gave me a great price for it. The pickup process itself could not have been easier!

5.0 / 5
May 31, 2024 Hailey Gonzales

I was involved in an accident that my insurance company said was my fault so they were giving me the run-around. The car was too badly damaged to drive anymore and I was really at my wits' end. However these folks offered me a great price for my car and picked it up the same day I called them. Can't ask for more!

5.0 / 5
May 5, 2024 Nicole Powell

Was thinking of going somewhere like Carmax to sell my old car but you have to make an appointment and then go to them and when I asked how long it would take they said “at least an hour”. That is before you even know what they are going to offer! Called this service company on the phone and they gave me an offer and came to my house in about two hours to get the car.

5.0 / 5


Where can I sell my wrecked car?
There are plenty of places that buy wrecked vehicles, and the most popular options include junkyards and professional junk car buyers. When you choose a junk car buyer, such as our company, you don’t have to bring your car to us on your own, as we offer free pickup.
How do I sell a wrecked car on the same day?
If you are in a situation where you want to sell your vehicle as soon as possible, our company can help you. To make sure we can collect your car on the same day you contact us, you should have documents on hand and clear out your vehicle of any belongings.
Do I need to pay to tow my wrecked car to your location?
No. Our company offers wrecked car pickup directly from your location. Whether it is possible to drive your car or it needs to be towed, we will collect your vehicle and bring it to us. In this way, there is nothing for you to worry about.

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