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Edgar Moulton

Car Expert

Edgar Moulton is a car enthusiast, writer, and expert with a passion for everything on four wheels. As an avid collector of American muscle cars, he boasts an impressive collection, showing his strong interest in automotive history and craftsmanship. In his garage, you’ll find a ‘67 Mercury Cougar GT, ‘70 Ford Mustang Boss429, ‘73 Pontiac Firebird 455, ‘87 Buick GNX, and even a sassy ‘92 Dodge Viper in red.  

Edgar’s love for vehicles pushed him to travel across continents to explore the automobile cultures of Europe, Asia, and South America. These experiences greatly contributed to his understanding of global auto practices and further enhanced his fascination for cars. 

With a background in mechanical engineering and a lifelong love for roaring motors, Edgar brings a unique blend of technical knowledge and a deep appreciation for the artistry of cars to his writing. In 2015, he joined the JunkCarsUs team as a senior content editor to share his experience with a broad audience. 

Edgar’s writing style showcases a remarkable ability to convey technical intricacies with a relatable, approachable tone, making him a trusted source for readers of all backgrounds. His articles inspire and educate, offering a roadmap to navigate the world of junk cars with confidence and environmental stewardship.

For me, cars aren't just machines. They're a mix of art, engineering, and a touch of magic. Whether you're a seasoned gearhead or just dipping your toes into a fascinating automotive world, I'm here to break down the complexities and make this journey enjoyable for everyone.

Edgar Moulton

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