How Much Can You Get for a Junk Car in 2021

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Do you have a junk car collecting dust? Why not sell it for some real cash? After all, so many buyers are ready to pay you top dollar for your vehicle. 

You may ask, ‘How much can I get for my junk car?’ Well, that depends on so many factors. The range is usually $100 to $600. But it might be as high as $15,000, depending on the condition of your car. Keep reading as we detail the junk car estimates in 2021 and what factors play a role in how much you can get for it!

How to Know You Have a Junk Car

If you have a car that requires a lot of repairs or isn’t safe on the road, it may be considered a junk car. Even if it is falling apart, you may be able to get something from selling the parts. 

Insurance companies usually give junk cars a salvage title. These are cars that are better off sold than repaired. A junk car can also be a vehicle that you have kept for a long time and no longer want to deal with repairs. Some cars just need some slight repairs to get them back on the road. So you might consider selling it to a car dealer if that is the case.

Factors that Influence Junk Car Value

How much is a junk car worth? It depends on the car’s condition and the value of scrap metal or parts on the market. When dealers offer a price, it is usually calculated from the current cost of buying the same model. Buyers also take into consideration how much it would cost to repair the car. 

So before selling your car, it’s important to know the value on the market. The last thing you want is to sell your junk car for way less than its actual value. If you are wondering, 'How can I rate my junk?' don’t worry! We can help you with that. We use a calculator that considers every factor of a junk car price to make you the best offer. 

Let’s contemplate top factors that influence the value:


One of the most important factors that determine junk car prices is the location. This is the first thing you should think about when junking a car. That's because some cities offer way more cash to junk a car. So, suppose you stay in a city where many companies are buying old and damaged vehicles. The sheer competition between them potentially increases the price of your broken car.

Buyers in different locations may prefer specific models of cars. So if you stay in a city where your vehicle is popular or in-demand, then it could mean more money for selling. For instance, some cities may offer more for trucks. Scrap metal costs vary from city to city as well. So always keep in mind the location of the junk car.

Make and Model of a Car

When trying to figure out how much are junk cars worth, keep in mind the make and model. A junk car buyer will make an offer based on the model of the car. Some models fetch more money than others; some are more prevalent in certain parts of the country. So do your research before deciding where to sell your vehicle to up the ante for a bit.

The Age of a Car

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Receive a guaranteed highest price quote for your junk car by filling in the form online.

How much can you get for a junk car when you sell it to buyers? The age of the car will greatly influence how much you get. The chances are that the vehicle you want to sell is pretty old. Usually, junk cars are older than 10 years. Most buyers take cars that are even older than 20 years.

You may ask, 'How does the age affect the price of junking my car?' Well, the older the vehicle, the less money you get. Old vehicles that are falling apart will fetch far less. So whenever a scrap car buyer wants to make an offer, don't be surprised when they ask you about the age of your car or the period you’ve had it. Try to research when the vehicle was made if you're unsure - it helps buyers calculate a fair price.


The final price for a junk car will rely on the mileage. How many miles has your car been driven? If it has less than 4,000 miles on it, you are in luck - it will definitely increase the final price. Vehicles with a mileage of more than 15,000 are likely to sell for way less cash. Cars that have a longer mileage are usually older, and buyers want them for their parts, so that is why they offer a lower price. 

For cars exceeding a mileage of 20,000, the payment is far less. Buyers won’t take parts from these cars because they may be too old. Usually, they will buy such junk cars only to extract scrap metal.


The longer you have a vehicle, the more likely it will have issues on both the exterior and interior. If you have replaced parts, it may reduce the value of your car. It’s even worse if some parts are missing. 

Every car dealer will want to know the condition of your car before making an offer. As tempting as it may be to lie, always be honest. Buyers are always vigilant and will check the condition of your car when they collect it. Make sure to examine your ride closely for any damage before planning on selling it.

If the Car is Running

Besides asking you about the vehicle’s general condition, buyers usually want to know if it is still running. It allows them to offer an accurate price. 

As expected, a running junk car will cost more. So what happens if you have a non-running vehicle? It all depends on the buyer. Some junkyards will refuse to make an offer once they find out that the car is non-running. Others will simply lower the offer drastically. Expect to get behind the wheel to prove that your vehicle is still running.

Price of Scrap Metal

The price of junk cars is also affected by scrap metal cost because most salvage companies buy junk cars exactly to extract scrap metal. When the price for scrap metal is low, it means a low payday for you as well. 

So don’t be in a rush to sell your car just yet. It always helps to wait till the scrap car price is slightly higher than usual. Selling at the right time may almost double what junkyards usually offer.

Factors that Don't Influence the Price for a Junk Car

Here is another essential list that will help you set a good price for a car and be sure people buy it anyway. When discussing the price and selling junk cars at a fair cost, keep in mind factors that don’t influence the price:

  • Filled gas tank — If your gas tank is filled and your car ends up in a junkyard, chances are that the owners will use your fuel. However, you won’t be paid extra for this. So you may decide to drain your tank before selling the vehicle;
  • New Tires — Have you recently replaced your tires? If you have, just know that it won’t increase the value of your junk, even if your tires meet the regulations to be reused. What you can do is remove them yourself before selling your vehicle;
  • Brakes — The junk car value isn’t affected by whether your car’s brakes are new or not. So even if you replaced your brakes within the last ten days, it doesn’t mean a higher payday for you. You may remove the brakes before selling the car if you feel the value won’t be fair.

What Are the Junk Car Prices in 2021?

Here is an example table showing some prices of junk cars according to the model and year it was manufactured:




Non-running Nissan 1997


Toyota Camry 2006


Hyundai Tucson 2004


Nissan Sentra 2009


Toyota Corolla 2002


Mitsubishi Lancer 2013


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Edgar Moulton.


Edgar Moulton. Car Expert

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