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Examples of our junk car estimation

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Vehicle Minimum Paid Maximum Paid
Volvo S60, 2008 575 3100
Chevrolet Monte Carlo, 2000 525 1900
Ford Ranger, 2008 525 2375
Pontiac Grand Am, 1999 425 2300
Lincoln Continental, 1967 200 900
INFINITI - G35, 2004 425 3200
INFINITI - G35, 2003 675 1900
Mercedes-Benz - C-Class, 2003 750 2900
Ford - Expedition, 1998 950 3975
Toyota Sienna, 2000 425 2300
Lincoln Continental, 1979 250 1100
Ford Econoline Vans, 1981 250 750
Hummer H3, 2009 625 3700
Chevrolet TrailBlazer, 2006 750 2750
Chevrolet Aveo, 2009 375 1900
Nissan Altima, 2015 4500 12500
Mazda Protege, 1996 325 1100
Pontiac G6, 2006 475 1900
Chevrolet - Van, 2001 250 750
Chevrolet Cobalt, 2006 550 1700
Nissan Quest, 2004 750 3200
Subaru Outback, 2017 3700 9600
GMC Sonoma, 1998 775 4750
Honda Accord, 2001 325 2100
Chevrolet - Van, 1989 500 2100
Ford - E150, 2006 875 4250
Toyota Corolla, 2006 475 2000
Honda Odyssey, 2004 750 4750
Pontiac Grand Am, 2003 325 1750
Cadillac ATS, 2012 300 1200
Ford Crown Victoria, 2001 475 2700
Jeep Liberty, 2004 575 2250
Ford Fusion, 2010 450 2100
Dodge - Ram 1500, 1999 875 3150
Chevrolet Impala, 2000 475 2100
Dodge Van, 1978 350 1300
Dodge D150, 1977 475 1900
Ford Excursion, 2000 475 3200
Saturn Ion, 2005 325 1900
Honda Accord, 2006 275 1900
Mazda Mazda6, 2007 425 2300
Ford Focus, 2014 475 1900
Ford - F-150, 2006 550 4800
Acura CL, 1989 375 900
Chevrolet Equinox, 2005 475 2700
Honda Insight, 2010 325 1350
Nissan Xterra, 2012 650 2300
GMC Canyon, 1973 325 975
Chevrolet Malibu, 2008 275 3750
Saturn SL, 2002 475 1900

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2008 Saturn Vue

2008 Saturn Vue
Service date: April 15, 2024
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We’re open Mon-Fri: 8 am - 8 pm, Sat: 8 am - 3 pm

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Sell Your Car for Scrap Here and Get the Cash on the Same Day

Most places and agents that buy scrap cars for cash engage sellers in an endless negotiation and paperwork process that discourages them from selling their scrap cars in the first place.

At Junkcarsus we ensure that our customers sell old cars for scrap in a smooth, seamless process only! 

We house a dedicated team of experts who handle the entire selling process, including the paperwork and title transfer, offering you the top dollar paid for your scrap car.

How Can I Quickly Sell My Scrap Car?

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Give us a call and share the details of your car

We'll scrap your car that same day you call us and fill out the online form. At first, we would need basic details about your auto, including the model, year of manufacturing, brand name, and other details.

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We make an order

Based on the details provided by you, we arrive to validate the mentioned details. Our staff makes the process fast and easy for you. You can be assured that the price we offer you is the top dollar paid for your car.

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Free car pickup

We arrange for a free same-day pick-up of your cars for scrap or whenever it suits your schedule. And no paperwork needed at all. The pickup driver arrives at the scheduled time, paying you the amount for your scrap car immediately.

Who Buys Scrap Cars For Cash Near Me?

You don’t have to ruin your weekends driving around and thinking, “It’s so hard to find a buyer in my area!” We come to you to offer your cash for a scrap vehicle!

No matter where you reside, which part of the city you are in, trust us to get to you. We offer your services in 49 states, and we can assure you that we will arrive at the earliest possible time. 

When we say we buy all kinds of cars for scrap, we are very serious! Don’t fret if your scrap automobile has missing parts, a damaged body, or a worn-out engine. We buy scrap cars in nearly any shape or condition! 

What’s more, if your car is missing a title, which you may have misplaced or lost, and you’re thinking, “How can I possibly sell a scrap vehicle without a title?” don’t worry!

Our experienced and skilled staff will guide you through the process of obtaining a duplicate title, after which we can be your trustworthy scrap auto buyer.  

Selling old scrap cars to a scrap vehicle buyer has never been easier! If you are looking to get cash for scrap cars, all you need to do is give us a call and consider the job done! We will handle every step of the process; all we need is information about your vehicle. However, if you are missing some details or unable to describe everything, we will come to you and evaluate the junk car’s condition ourselves. 

We take your scrap car and convert it into cash in your pocket in the fastest way possible. We try our best to provide best scrap car services we can. 

Find out what your Junk car is worth in seconds. Fill out information below: We’re open Mon-Fri: 8 am - 8 pm, Sat: 8 am - 3 pm

We Buy Scrap Cars and Pay Top Dollar

With our rich experience of over 30 years in this area, we have made the entire process of selling wrecked cars extremely simple and easy. So if you have a friend or relative telling you, “I am trying to sell my scrap car for cash, but I just cannot find a buyer!” you know where to direct them! No matter where they are located, if they have a scrap car for sale, consider it sold!

  • No haggling. No endless haggling or negotiations! We do not go back and forth on the price of your scrap car. Just one single price that you just won’t be able to say no to!
  • No hidden fees. We leave no surprises for you to deal with in terms of hidden or undisclosed costs. Once we have your car model, make, and year of manufacture, we give you an instant quote with absolutely no hidden charges. We aim to get you the highest price for your scrap car and nothing else!
  • Prompt service. We will make an order and pick up your car on the same day. Our specialist will arrive at the agreed time to tow your vehicle.

Junkcarsus is your reputable local scrap car buyer you can trust.


May 6, 2024 Hayden White

These guys were simply awesome. I had an old beater that I did not know what to do with. I gave them a call and they made me an offer right then on the phone. The best part was that they were able to come out that very day and take away my car. Simply amazing!

5.0 / 5
April 13, 2024 Sara Bryant

My 19 years old Chevy had been in three different accidents. When I started making calls to see if I could sell it, most people would not give me the time of day. As a last resort, I called Junkcarsus.com and was amazed that not only were they willing to take my car, they gave me a great price for it. The pickup process itself could not have been easier!

5.0 / 5
April 4, 2024 Grace Flores

I was worried that when I went to a dealer, they were going to give me a super lowball price for my old car. Just out of curiosity, found Junkcarsus website and send them an email. They called me back and I was amazed at the high price they offered plus they came out and picked it up that very day and gave me a cash!

5.0 / 5


How to prepare a junk car for sale as scrap?

If you want to scrap your automobile, first, you need to choose the right company that specializes in buying junk cars. Although at JunkCarsUs we take care of almost all customer issues, there are some legal, environmental, and financial questions you have to deal with before selling. First, you must check the title and ownership, remove all your personal belongings from the auto, drain gasoline from the gas tank and any other liquids, remove non-metallic parts, remove license plates, and cancel the insurance. After that, you need to evaluate the worth of your car and pick the company that offers the highest amount of money for your junk vehicle. However, we can assure you that we guarantee that our offer will be the best on the market.

Why should I sell my automobile to a junkyard?

The obvious reasons and advantages of scrapping a car are getting instant and same-day cash for a junk vehicle, the opportunity to sell the car at a fair price, the ability to order an auto pick-up directly from the garage, and the absence of paperwork, etc. Furthermore, there are a lot of cases when the decision to scrap the automobile wins in terms of profit, safety, and other benefits. Our company will help you profitably and quickly get money for your junk vehicle.

In what cases is auto scrapping the best option?

Unfortunately, it often happens that repairing a junked car and fixing malfunctions does not seem appropriate. For instance, scrapping the automobile and using the money received to purchase a new one is the only right decision when the cost of repairs exceeds the value of the car itself. In fact, this happens quite often, especially if the auto has been in a serious accident. Replacing critical parts is not only very expensive but also very risky: you cannot be absolutely sure that the newly installed components will be genuine, which means you cannot be sure of your safety. Among other cases when a vehicle is best scrapped are an engine failure or rust on critical parts, loss of ownership of the car, a new car with much cheaper insurance, a failure to sell your automobile to another driver, a major car accident.

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