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Average Time To Pick Up: 15 hours 52 min
Highest Weekly Price Paid: $1114

Examples of our junk car estimation

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Vehicle Minimum Paid Maximum Paid
Ford - F-450, 1995 375 2300
Cadillac Seville, 1985 325 1350
Jeep Wrangler, 2006 350 1900
Mazda - B2200, 1983 300 2425
Scion xB, 2006 275 975
Mercury Sable, 2000 350 1750
Ford Taurus X, 1990 325 1100
Jeep Cherokee, 2003 350 1750
Ford - E350, 1988 450 1850
Honda Insight, 2010 325 1350
Ford Aerostar, 0 275 1350
Chevrolet Monte Carlo, 1975 275 1100
Honda Odyssey, 2008 325 1100
Volkswagen Beetle, 1975 250 2200
Jeep Cherokee, 2000 375 3240
Ford Windstar, 1999 350 3500
Pontiac Sunfire, 2002 325 1750
Honda Civic, 2001 325 1350
Kia Sedona, 2009 325 1900
Chevrolet - Van, 2001 250 750
Chevrolet Express Vans, 1986 425 1100
Ford Mustang, 2002 350 2350
Chevrolet 1500, 2004 350 1900
Buick Century, 1956 275 1900
Ford ZX2, 1987 325 975
Pontiac Firebird, 2001 350 3275
Chevrolet 3500, 1983 250 1950
Chevrolet 3500, 1983 550 2750
Chevrolet 1500, 2005 375 975
Chevrolet - Van, 1988 200 750
smart ForTwo, 2009 250 1600
Volvo Coupe, 2007 325 2100
Lincoln Continental, 1964 200 875
Chevrolet 2500, 1985 500 3275
Saturn SC, 1999 275 1100
Dodge Caravan, 2005 375 1850
Chevrolet 1500, 1988 425 1100
Cadillac CTS, 2004 375 2200
Ford Bronco, 1996 450 3700
Ford - E350, 1993 350 2300
Subaru Impreza, 2006 325 1900
Honda Accord, 2001 325 2100
Chevrolet 2500, 1991 450 3250
Chevrolet - Van, 1982 350 1400
Honda Civic, 2001 325 2100
Ford Mustang, 1979 250 1750
Chevrolet 3500, 1990 375 1100
Ford - E350, 1987 425 1800
Ford Mustang, 2019 2100 19500
Am General Hummer, 1990 425 975

Recently Purchased Vehicles in Salinas

Check some of our recent pickups in your area

2013 Dodge Durango

2013 Dodge Durango
Service date: March 12, 2022
Service area:

California Salinas, 93901

Customer Ranking:

1997 INFINITI - I30

1997 INFINITI - I30
Service date: March 22, 2022
Service area:

California Salinas, 93905

Customer Ranking:

2005 Dodge Neon

2005 Dodge Neon
Service date: April 21, 2022
Service area:

California Salinas, 93915

Customer Ranking:

1978 Dodge - Pickup

1978 Dodge - Pickup
Service date: March 13, 2022
Service area:

California Salinas, 93915

Customer Ranking:

2007 Kia Sorento

2007 Kia Sorento
Service date: March 30, 2022
Service area:

California Salinas, 93902

Customer Ranking:

2015 Mercedes-Benz - CLA 250

2015 Mercedes-Benz - CLA 250
Service date: April 2, 2022
Service area:

California Salinas, 93901

Customer Ranking:

2006 Jeep Liberty

2006 Jeep Liberty
Service date: May 6, 2022
Service area:

California Salinas, 93906

Customer Ranking:

2003 Mazda Tribute

2003 Mazda Tribute
Service date: April 27, 2022
Service area:

California Salinas, 93901

Customer Ranking:

Types of vehicles we buy

Average Time To Pick Up: 22 hours 37 min
Highest Weekly Price Paid: $1177

How to Sell My Car in Salinas, CA

If you need a junk car removal or want to sell a car for a scrap, we offer the highest price for junk car pick up. All you have to do is call, email, or text us that you want to “Junk my car for cash,” and we’ll do the rest. It’s that simple!

Step 1. Call Us

Tell us about your Vehicle

Step 2. Get an Offer

We guarantee the security of all payments. You may choose the most suitable payment method.

Step 3. We Come to You

You will get access to all available features immediately.

Call us now (855) 547-1550

Receive a guaranteed highest price quote for your junk car by filling in the form online.

How Do We Evaluate Your Vehicle?

We understand how harrowing it can be to get cash for junk cars in Salinas, California. Which is why we have created an extremely simple process for you to make selling a junk car in Salinas an absolute breeze.

Just set an appointment with us and have our staff visit your premises at a time convenient to you. We will bring the information provided by you about your car and conduct a quick inspection. Once done, our staff will help you through the necessary paperwork in order to complete the transaction and the sale, following which the cash for your car will be handed over to you. Couldn’t get any simpler than this, could it?

How Do You Get Paid?

A simple answer to this question is, fast and easy! No cheques, bank transfers, or deferred monthly payments. We promise you simple hard cash for your wrecked car.

Even if you own a wrecked car with a misplaced title, our staff will guide you through the process of obtaining a duplicate title and getting the sale executed promptly. So, for all those times that you have thought, “How do I sell my car without a title?”, we have created a swift solution to this problem!

There simply are no reasons left for you to tug along with your dilapidated car that’s guzzling fuel and occupying space in your garage! Reach us and we shall offer you the Highest Price on the market for your wrecked car.

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About Selling a Car in Salinas, California

→ How much money can I get for my car in Salinas?
We guarantee not only high-quality service, but also the highest price for your car in Salinas. The amount you get will depend on the brand and general condition of your car. We also buy cars that are damaged.
→ Can I sell you my vehicle if I still owe money on it?
We will make you a fair offer in Salinas even if you still owe money for your damaged car.
→ Do I need to be there when you pick up my car?
Yes, you have to be there. This is because the driver pays you the agreed amount at the pick-up.
→ How fast can you really pick up my car in Salinas?
Our team is prompt and quick when it comes to picking up your car in Salinas. We offer pick-ups on the same day or when it suits you.
→ If I agree to sell my junk car, will you pick it up today?
Yes! We can pick up your junk car on the same day in Salinas. All you need to do is contact us through a call, email, or text and accept an offer.

What Type Of Junk Car do You Want To Sell?

Maybe you started your search for getting rid of that unsightly pile of metal by searching for junk car removal in Salinas. Were you shocked to learn how much that was going to cost you? The great news is that with us you won't pay a dime and in fact, you will make money selling your junk car to us!

People come to us every day to sell wrecked cars, sell cars that have been in accidents, sell us cars that are missing parts, and cars that simply do not run. We will buy your car no matter what kind of shape it is in and we will endeavor to give you the top dollar paid on your vehicle.

We Pay Cash for Junk Cars in Salinas, California

Do you have a car in your garage that has just been sitting there for what seems like ages? If yes, then you are actually in quite a bit of a pickle. Because not only do you have a big piece of junk sitting right there in your home but there are further a whole lot of hazards which come with keeping a big piece of junk. This might lead you to wonder about what exactly you can do to remedy this situation.

We provide you with the best offer. We solve your problem by taking that hulking piece of junk away from your home and on top of that, you get to make a decent amount of cash at the same time.

The process for selling us your junk car is as simple as it can get. You just have to give us a call and ask “Are you available in my area?”. We cover majorly in all the cities. Let us know the make, model, and the VIN number of your car. We then provide you with an instant quote which is the Highest Price on the market! We are the perfect answer to your "junk selling services near me" searches.

Sell Your Junk Car in Salinas

We’re sure you will conduct a complete scan of the internet to check which are the best dealers where you can sell wrecked cars in your area. Now that you are on this page, we are certain you have come to know that we are the most sought-after wrecked car dealer for all those who hit a search for, “How to sell my junk car in Salinas, CA?

No doubt you may think, there are plenty of wrecked car dealers near me. But not many will offer you same-day pickup, and we are certain that no one will offer you the Highest Price on the market except us!

Look no further, we are your best bet to sell your damaged car across all places in Salinas. Call us today, and we shall convert your wrecked car into cash in no time.

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Ethan White
March 8, 2022

I had an old car that I wanted to sell but had lost the title. I really didn't want to go through the hassle of trying to get a new title just to sell a beat-up old car. Junkcarsus team helped me to quickly get a replacement title, and their price made me really happy : )

5.0 / 5
Jaden Hernandez
March 17, 2022

Called these guys as a last resort when nobody else could come at the time I needed. Their showed up quickly, gave me the cash and towed the car away. Awesome service!

5.0 / 5
Jocelyn Rodriguez
March 8, 2022

A friend recommended over dinner and little did I know my broken down Corolla would be taken away the very next day. Their prices aren’t heavy at all. I would recommend them henceforth.

5.0 / 5
Amber Taylor
April 1, 2022

Have a truck that has over 300,000 miles on it. Won’t mention the brand but you can probably guess with the milage. Figured to just let someone take it for scrap but "Junkcarsus" actually gave us some money for it and they towed it too!

5.0 / 5
Jenna Patterson
March 26, 2022

As a woman, I’ve always been a little apprehensive when it comes to car issues. My old car was constantly having problems and I just felt like I was throwing good money after bad fixing it all the time. Called this company and it was great. No pressure and good info. Would definitely recommend them!

5.0 / 5
Jeremiah Watson
March 19, 2022

This was the first time I was sending off a car and had no idea of the paperwork and procedures. Thanks to who were patient to take me through the entire process and attended to all my doubts. Thumbs up!

5.0 / 5
Victoria Sanchez
March 12, 2022

Fast, easy and simple! It is the second time I’ve used and the service was just as smooth. Definitely my go-to car removal service!

5.0 / 5
Dylan Perez
April 10, 2022

Great prices, same-day service, and friendly staff from get a 5-star rating from me : )

5.0 / 5
Rachel Clark
April 25, 2022

My car had all sorts of electrical and mechanical problems that seemed to keep it in the shop more than I drove it. I tried to sell it but everyone was freaked out when they heard about all the problems I had with the car. Tried this company and not only did they not care about any of that, but they also gave me a reasonable price for the car and hauled it away the same day I gave them a call!

5.0 / 5

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Salinas Car Selling Information

Pick-up location Salinas
We buy car types Cars, Trucks, Vans and SUVs
Average price 487
Payment Methods Cash, Check, Non-Cash, Mobile Payment
Popular Models - E350, Commander, Impala

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