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While a rare phenomenon in some regions, a hail storm might be a common thing in others. Hence, whether on the road or in the parking lot, you never know when the weather can hit your car, leaving noticeable scratches or dents on its body.  

Are you grappling with a hail-damaged car that's become more of a headache than an asset? Is it better to sell a car damaged by hail than repair it? How much can you get for it? Who can correctly assess its value? We are here for you to answer those and other questions. 

Our comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of getting fast money for your hail-damaged vehicle, providing you with valuable insights and practical steps to navigate this situation smoothly. 

Is Your Hail-Damaged Car Worth Fixing?

Hail damage can be a frustrating and unexpected event for any car owner. The first thought that comes to your mind might be, “How can I fix it?”  Yet, you’d better ask yourself if it’s worth fixing since it might appear that restoration is too expensive or doesn’t make sense. 

Assessing whether to repair or sell a hail-damaged vehicle is a daunting task. To make the right decision that aligns with your personal and financial circumstances, you should consider a few critical factors and practical aspects.

  • Extent of damage: The severity of hail damage is a crucial factor. Evaluate the size, depth, and quantity of dents on the car's surface. Minor dings may be repairable with paintless dent removal (PDR), while with extensive damage, including structural or mechanical issues, repairing the car might not be financially viable;
  • Insurance coverage: Review your insurance policy and understand the coverage for hail damage. If you have comprehensive insurance that covers the repairs and the cost won't significantly impact your premiums, fixing the car might be a sensible option. However, if the out-of-pocket expenses are substantial, it may be a better alternative to sell your hail-damaged vehicle;
  • Market value vs. repair cost: Compare the current market value of your car with the estimated cost of repairs. If the repairs exceed the car's worth, it's likely not worth fixing. In such cases, selling the car with hail damage as-is might be a more financially sound decision;
  • Vehicle age and mileage: Older cars with high mileage may not justify extensive repairs, especially if the market value is low. Consider the remaining lifespan of the vehicle and potential future maintenance costs;
  • Future resale value: Evaluate how the hail damage may affect the resale value of your car in the long run. Some car buyers may be willing to overlook minor cosmetic damage, while others may seek significant discounts. Understanding the potential impact on resale value can help guide your decision;
  • Safety and functionality: Ensure that the hail damage hasn't compromised the structural integrity of the car. If there's any doubt about safety, consult with a trusted mechanic or body shop to understand the cost of repair and decide whether you should junk it straight away or fix it to get more cash for a hail-damaged car;
  • Time constraints: Assess how long it will take to complete the repairs. If you rely heavily on your car for daily activities, a lengthy repair process might not be feasible;
  • Professional advice: The expertise of a trusted auto body specialist can provide invaluable insights into the extent of the damage and the associated repair costs. This professional assessment can be the key to making your final decision.

By weighing these factors, you’ll get a clear understanding of whether investing in repairs is a viable option or if selling a hail-damaged car is the better route to take.

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How Much Can You Get from Your Hail-Damaged Car?

If you are about to sell your hail-damaged vehicle, it’s important to be realistic about the value of your auto. The final price can significantly vary, depending on a whole bunch of factors. Here is a detailed breakdown of aspects you should consider when assessing how much you get paid for your hail-damaged vehicle.

Brand and Model

Popular makes and models tend to have a higher resale value, even in damaged and compromised conditions. Additionally, vehicles known for their durability and reliability may command a higher price, as buyers may be willing to invest in repairs.

Severity of Damage

Minor cosmetic dents and dings may have a lesser impact on the value compared to heavy damage affecting structural components. Basically, the more extensive the damage, the lower the potential selling price. At the same time, though, many car buyers can disregard the outside damage for the spare parts they are looking for. Besides, junkyards estimate the cost of the frame and scrap metal, which might be quite high.  

Age and Mileage

Older cars with higher mileage generally have a lower market value, even without hail damage. However, if the vehicle is relatively new and well-maintained, aside from the hail damage, it may retain more of its original value.

Market Demand

There might be a high market demand for specific models and makes, even in a damaged condition. If there's a high demand for used cars of your type, you can secure a better price, as there will be more potential buyers interested.


When selling a hail-damaged car, location matters too. Local market conditions and demand in your area can impact the price you can get for your vehicle. For example, if your region experiences frequent hailstorms, buyers will be more tolerant of vehicles with existing hail damage, which could potentially drive up the price. The same is true for make and model prices that vary locally. 


Well-documented maintenance records proving your car's condition beyond hail damage will instill more confidence in potential buyers. Likewise, your car title status is a factor directly impacting the vehicle’s value. A reconstructed car title can significantly reduce the selling price.

Examples of our junk car estimation

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Vehicle Minimum Paid Maximum Paid
Toyota Camry, 2003 500 2250
Chevrolet Cavalier, 2002 425 1900
GMC Terrain, 2011 950 2350
Jeep Cherokee, 1991 750 2700
Toyota Corolla, 1982 250 1775
Hyundai Elantra, 2007 425 1900
Subaru Impreza, 2015 425 2900
Nissan Sentra, 2007 425 1900
Scion xB, 2006 275 975
BMW - 328, 2011 775 7200
Volkswagen Beetle, 2006 475 3500
Isuzu Trooper, 1998 675 2100
Hyundai Sonata, 2008 650 2100
smart ForTwo, 2009 250 1600
Kia Optima, 2007 425 1900
Subaru Outback, 2010 325 2300
BMW - 320, 1981 250 2675
Nissan Maxima, 2004 625 3200
Lincoln LS, 2005 425 1900
Honda CR-V, 1999 325 2350
Audi A8, 2001 375 975
Dodge Dakota, 2001 750 7900
Ford Explorer Sport, 2003 400 1500
Dodge Durango, 2006 750 3290
Dodge - Ram 2500, 1968 450 3750
Dodge Dakota, 2003 595 3200
Ford - Expedition, 2003 750 2900
Dodge - Ram 1500, 2014 775 4750
Volvo S60, 2008 750 3200
Chrysler Avanti, 2002 375 1275
Chrysler Pacifica, 2003 975 3200
Ford - F-250, 2005 550 3700
Chevrolet - Van, 1988 200 750
Ford Taurus, 2000 725 1825
Ford Regency, 1992 375 1900
Honda Accord, 2000 575 2300
BMW - 328, 2011 675 3400
Nissan Versa, 2007 325 2350
Ford Crown Victoria, 2011 650 3975
Ford ZX2, 1987 325 975
Avanti Motors Avanti, 1981 350 1900
Jeep Grand Cherokee, 2001 850 3200
Hummer H2, 2008 750 4750
Honda Civic, 2001 325 2100
Ford Focus, 2003 475 1900
Chevrolet Captiva Sport, 2014 750 7900
Dodge Caravan, 2007 250 1800
Cadillac STS, 2005 850 3900
Ford MazdaSpeed3, 1988 275 975
Chevrolet TrailBlazer, 2006 750 2750

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How to Sell a Car with Hail Damage?

How can I sell my hail-damaged car fast and without a hassle? That’s the question you ask yourself when you decide to get rid of a weather-damaged auto. Basically, selling a car with hail damage is a straightforward process. It will take you just a few steps from considering the car damage to getting cash in hand.

Evaluate the Damage

Before you proceed with selling your car, it's crucial to assess the extent of the hail damage. Take a close look at the vehicle's body, including the roof, hood, trunk, and sides. Note the size and depth of dents, as well as any paint chipping or cracking. This evaluation will help you determine the market value of your car in its current condition.

Prepare the Documents Needed

Gathering the necessary paperwork is an essential step in selling a hail-damaged car. Ensure you have the following documents ready:

  • Title and registration: These papers prove that you legally own the car and have the right to sell it;
  • Maintenance records: Provide a history of any repairs or maintenance done on the vehicle to verify the car's condition;
  • Vehicle history report: This report offers a comprehensive overview of the car's history, including accidents, title status, and previous owners;
  • As-is bill of rale: Clearly state that the car is sold "as-is" to protect yourself from any future liabilities related to the hail damage.

Contact JunkCarsUs

Consider reaching out to specialized car-buying services that deal with all types of used vehicles. Companies like JunkCarsUs are experienced in purchasing cars in various conditions, including those with hail damage. We can provide an accurate assessment and offer a fair price for your vehicle.

Request a Quote

To get a quote from JunkCarsUs, it’s enough to contact us by phone or fill out an online form and provide basic info about your vehicle. The photos of hail damage will help make a more precise estimate. Our managers will get back to you with a quote almost in an instant. We always offer the best conditions and rely on fair market prices.

Agree Upon Pickup

Reputable car buyers like JunkCarsUs normally handle the logistics to make the whole process convenient for you. Once you accept our price offer, we’ll be ready to take your hail-damaged vehicle on the same day. While you have the option to drop it off at one of our locations in your area, we offer free towing for all our deals and can pick it up from any location you specify. 

Get Cash for Your Hail-Damaged Car 

To finalize the deal and get paid for your hail-damaged car, you will: 

  • Sign the bill of sale: This legal document transfers ownership of the vehicle to the buyer and specifies that it's sold "as-is";
  • Hand over the title: Provide JunkCarsUs with the signed title and other documentation, if any;
  • Receive payment: You’ll get your payment in cash, with no service fees attached or other deductions made. We take your car and give you money, it’s as simple as that. 

It shouldn’t be a hassle to sell hail-damaged cars. Working with a reputable buyer like JunkCarsUs, you can turn your auto into cash quickly and efficiently.

5 Steps to Selling Your Hail-Damaged Car for Cash

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Give us a call

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Set Up an Appointment With an Appraiser

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Step 3.

Check your vehicle and remove any personal belongings

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Step 4.

Prepare your vehicle registration, title, and model

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Step 5.

Towing away your vehicle

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Sell Your Hail-Damaged Car to JunkCarsUs

If you are stuck with a hail-damaged car that's seen better days, look no further than JunkCarsUs, your reliable partner in car disposal. With a proven track record spanning over 30 years, we've established ourselves as industry leaders in providing top-notch solutions for selling damaged vehicles. 

When selling a hail-damaged car with us, you’ll enjoy:

  • Top-dollar price offers: We offer competitive prices that ensure you get the most out of your hail-damaged car. Our transparent pricing model is designed to provide you with a fair deal, reflecting the true worth of your auto, with no hidden charges popping up afterward;
  • Free paperwork: We take care of all the necessary paperwork, ensuring a seamless and stress-free process for you. Our experts will guide you through the regulatory requirements, making the entire experience effortless;
  • Free towing: We offer complimentary pickup services, saving you time, money, and the headache of arranging transportation. Our team will agree on a convenient pickup time that suits your schedule and tow your car away at no added cost to you;
  • Same-day service: JunkCarsUs is committed to providing same-day service whenever possible. Once we've agreed on the terms, our efficient team swings into action, ensuring a prompt and seamless process;
  • Extensive expertise: Our seasoned professionals are well-versed in evaluating hail-damaged cars and providing accurate, competitive offers. Rest assured, your vehicle is in the hands of experts who know its true value.

We strive to do our best and deliver the most rewarding experience when it comes to selling a car with hail damage. So, if you are still hesitant about which car buyer to choose to get maximum profit out of your vehicle, you won’t go wrong by contacting JunkCarsUs. We’ll become your trusted partner to sell your hail-damaged vehicle and turn it into cash in an instant.


July 21, 2024 Sara Bryant

My 19 years old Chevy had been in three different accidents. When I started making calls to see if I could sell it, most people would not give me the time of day. As a last resort, I called and was amazed that not only were they willing to take my car, they gave me a great price for it. The pickup process itself could not have been easier!

5.0 / 5
July 16, 2024 Sebastian Green

The cost to keep repairing my old truck just did not make sense due to its age. After short googling I found Junkcarsus. It was unbelievable how quick and easy the process was. Add to that a fine price on a car I got. I really didn't think I was going to get a dime out of, thank you!

5.0 / 5
June 14, 2024 Patrick Adams

Wanted to donate my old car. Made an appointment with someone and they did not show up when promised. Figured I would give these guys a call on a whim. They were there within an hour and gave me the cash on the spot. Hope I never have to get rid of an old car again but if I do I am definitely calling junkcarsus.

5.0 / 5


How much does hail damage devalue a car?

Hail damage will blemish the curbside appeal of even an old, already beaten-up vehicle and decrease its value. While the actual impact can vary depending on the severity of the damage, car model and make, year of issue, and overall market demand, the common rule is the selling price will decrease for the amount of the required repair. It's advisable to consult with a professional appraiser or get multiple quotes from reputable sources if you're considering selling a hail-damaged car.

Can you sell a hail-damaged car without a title?

It can be quite a challenge to sell your hail-damaged vehicle without a title, as establishing car ownership is typically required for any legitimate sale or transfer of ownership. If you find yourself in a situation where you do not have the title for your car, you should reach out to your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to obtain a replacement title. Or, you can choose JunkCarsUs as your car-buying service and let us assist you with the title replacement.

How fast can you get cash after selling your hail-damaged car?

It will depend upon the car buyer's payment conditions. Professional car-buying services or salvage yards like JunkCarsUs offer instant payment upon agreeing to the sale. This could be in the form of cash, a certified check, or an electronic funds transfer.

Does JunkCarsUs provide free towing of hail-damaged cars?

Free pickup is a default feature for all our orders. When you get our price quote, it already includes the towing services, and no added costs will be further deducted. More than that, you can even expect us to take your car away on the same day if necessary.

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