Auto Salvage Yards, Junkyards, Recyclers & Wreckers in El Paso, TX

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Car Junkyards in El Paso, TX
  • Yonke Lobos Auto Salvage
    11231 Alameda Ave
    Socorro, TX 79927
    (915) 408-5284
  • RG Pick-A-Part
    8330 Doniphan Dr
    Anthony, TX 79821
    (915) 886-2886
  • Miguelucho Chapin Auto Salvage
    1931 Magoffin Ave
    El Paso, TX 79901
    (915) 546-5151
  • Imports And More Auto Salvage
    13471 Montana Ave
    El Paso, TX 79938
    (915) 855-3269
  • Dyer Auto Salvage
    7364 O Dell Ln
    El Paso, TX 79934
    (915) 745-3289
  • A & S Auto Salvage
    13320 Montana Ave
    El Paso, TX 79938
    (915) 855-1331
Auto Salvage Yards in El Paso, TX
  • Yonke Amigo Auto Dismantling
    11229 Alameda Ave
    Socorro, TX 79927
    (915) 872-9727
  • Pull-A-Part - El Paso
    12000 Montana Ave
    El Paso, TX 79936
    (915) 855-0463
  • M&B Auto Sales And Salvage LLC
    509 E Rd
    El Paso, TX 79915
    (915) 307-0172
  • G & N Auto Salvage
    7508 Doniphan Dr
    Canutillo, TX 79835
    (915) 877-5353
  • Dyer Auto Salvage
    10880 Dyer St
    El Paso, TX 79934
    (915) 821-1281
  • A & M Auto Salvage
    9725 Alameda Ave
    Socorro, TX 79927
    (915) 859-8897
Auto Recyclers in El Paso, TX
  • U Pull It
    9663 Alameda Ave
    Socorro, TX 79927
    (915) 859-9995
  • Number 1 Auto Salvage
    12801 Montana Ave
    El Paso, TX 79938
    (915) 857-1100
  • LKQ El Paso
    13300 Montana Ave
    El Paso, TX 79938
    (915) 855-7999
  • El Paso Import Auto Salvage
    6694 Doniphan Dr
    Canutillo, TX 79835
    (915) 877-5555
  • Alameda Auto & Truck Salvage Inc.
    9709 Alameda Ave
    Socorro, TX 79927
    (915) 860-8484
  • A & E Auto Sales & Parts Inc.
    8216 Alameda Ave
    El Paso, TX 79907
    (915) 858-0622
Auto Wreckers in El Paso, TX
  • Rio Grande Auto Parts Inc.
    5900 Doniphan Dr
    El Paso, TX 79932
    (915) 584-2531
  • Montana Import Auto Salvage
    12933 Montana Ave
    El Paso, TX 79938
    (915) 262-0285
  • J & S Truck & Auto Parts
    9701 Alameda Ave
    El Paso, TX 79927
    (915) 859-9595
  • El Camino Auto Salvage
    11339 Alameda Ave
    Socorro, TX 79927
    (915) 858-8747
  • AC Wrecking
    14460 Montana Ave
    El Paso, TX 79938
    (915) 855-3333

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Types of vehicles we buy

  • SUV


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  • Station wagon

    Station wagon

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  • RV


We buy junk cars in any condition

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  • Blown Engine car

    Blown Engine

  • Damaged car


  • Scrap car


  • Non-Running car


  • Old car


  • Wrecked car


  • Salvage car


  • Totaled car


  • Used car


  • Burned car


Junk Car Buyer Vs. Junkyard Vs. Auto Recycler Vs. Auto Wrecker

What do all old and wrecked cars have in common? First, they take up a lot of space. Second, repairing them often means spending way too much money. While broken-down vehicles may still have some value, it’s not worth the resources you have to spend on repairs.

The best solution is to take cash for junk cars in  Texas . Now the question becomes, who do you sell your car to? The many options of potential buyers include junk car buyers, a junkyard, auto recycler, and auto wrecker.

Junk Car Buyer

A junk car buyer will offer you the highest bid when you want to sell a damaged vehicle. At Junkcarsus, car owners get the fairest amount that their vehicle is worth. Prices are determined based on the model of the vehicle, the car's mileage, and general state.

The best part is that all vehicles, including totaled, can fetch you a decent amount of money. Also, all the paperwork work is legal and taken care of by the junk car buyer. So instead of running around and trying to sort out all the tedious processes of collecting the documents, you just receive fast cash for junk cars in El Paso.

Also, where most would require you to sell a car with the title, with Junkcarsus, all you need is a document showing that you are the legal owner of the vehicle. If you need quick cash, Junkcarsus is the way to let go of your automobile!


Another option to take cash for junk cars is through junkyards. Car junkyards in El Paso, TX are common. The offers made are tempting. However, the amount of money that you will make from a junkyard is not a lot. Also, it can take way more time before you get cash for your junk vehicle. Another problem with scrapyards is the rate of illegal deals is relatively high in the junkyard business. There is no guarantee that you won’t get in trouble after selling your vehicle. 

Sometimes salvage yards in El Paso buy vehicles from any buyer without providing proof of ownership. Also, you might not get a receipt or any proof that there was a transfer of the vehicle. Any auto salvage in El Paso, Texas  will offer a lower payment for totaled cars.

Auto Recycler

Auto recyclers in El Paso are all about paying sellers for car parts. They buy all parts to resell them later. It is a good idea to sell cars that have been badly damaged. Unfortunately, it often means that you will only get a minimal fee.

The amount that you get heavily relies on the cost of parts and scrap metal on the market. If your vehicle is missing an engine, the price will decrease significantly. Most buyers will not offer pickups. So you may end up paying way more to move the junk car than the auto recycler is willing to pay you.

Auto Wrecker

Car dismantlers in El Paso, Texas, claim to offer the best amount for broken down vehicles. But that isn't always the case. While you will get some cash for your car, the amount you get is questionable. Because auto wrecking yards in El Paso, Texas usually buy vehicles for parts, they will not buy all types of vehicles.

If they buy a car that is severely damaged, you will get a very small fee. Also, because they have to make some money from the purchase, the amount you get can be little to nothing. It also takes a lot of time before you get paid. Because of this, auto wreckers in El Paso, TX, are not always the best option for selling a used car for parts.

Summing Up

Don't let a junk car cost you more than you want to spend on it. You can sell it quickly and get a great offer from a junk car buyer. Simply contact Junkcarsus, and we will pay you top cash for any vehicle. We will pick it up for free and pay you cash on the spot!

Recently Purchased in El Paso, Texas

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1997 Jaguar Vanden Plas

1997 Jaguar Vanden Plas
Service date: January 4, 2022
Service area:

Texas El Paso, 79918

Customer Ranking:

1996 Chevrolet Tahoe

1996 Chevrolet Tahoe
Service date: January 4, 2022
Service area:

Texas El Paso, 79935

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2001 Honda Civic

2001 Honda Civic
Service date: December 12, 2021
Service area:

Texas El Paso, 88524

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2002 Chevrolet Avalanche

2002 Chevrolet Avalanche
Service date: November 24, 2021
Service area:

Texas El Paso, 88546

Customer Ranking:

2001 Pontiac Grand Am

2001 Pontiac Grand Am
Service date: December 22, 2021
Service area:

Texas El Paso, 88565

Customer Ranking:

1999 Honda Civic

1999 Honda Civic
Service date: December 15, 2021
Service area:

Texas El Paso, 88590

Customer Ranking:

2001 Cadillac Escalade

2001 Cadillac Escalade
Service date: December 14, 2021
Service area:

Texas El Paso, 88512

Customer Ranking:

2006 INFINITI - G35

2006 INFINITI - G35
Service date: November 27, 2021
Service area:

Texas El Paso, 88544

Customer Ranking:

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