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We Pay Cash for Junk Cars — Just Use Our Online Quote

JunkCarsUS is the number one junk car buyer servicing cities all over the country. With over 12 years in the business, we can provide you with the fastest and easiest way for you to sell my junk car. Instant quotes are available from the scrap car value calculator on our website or over the phone at (855) 547-1550. We have friendly customer service representatives waiting for your call to give you your instant quote and to tell you about our fast and easy three-step process for getting rid of your clunker.

We Pay Cash for Junk Cars — Just Use Our Online Quote

If you want to trade cash for junk cars, an online quote from JunkCarsUS is available to you on our website. Our highest price guarantee means you’ll get top dollar for your junk car. Our price quote guarantee means there won’t be any hidden fees, surprise costs, or any negotiating after we’ve given you our word. Our same day services means you’ll have a fast and completely experience when you use JunkCarsUs to junk your car. We buy junk cars, so the online quote is yours today! Find out how you can become one of our satisfied customers.