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Vehicle Minimum Paid Maximum Paid
Ford Explorer, 1999 625 4750
Ford Cavalier, 1986 275 750
Dodge Van, 1974 375 950
Ford Windstar, 2001 350 1900
Ford - Expedition, 1998 950 3975
Ford - F-150, 1998 975 4100
GMC Van, 2001 350 1900
Toyota Camry, 2004 425 1900
Volvo XC70, 2005 425 2300
Dodge Challenger, 2010 375 2400
Hyundai Sonata, 2005 425 2100
Ford Crown Victoria, 2011 650 3975
Honda Passport, 2004 325 1900
Honda Accord, 1997 275 1100
INFINITI - G35, 2003 675 1900
Hyundai Accent, 2016 375 1900
Honda Odyssey, 2003 650 1900
Toyota Camry, 1994 750 2100
Ford Explorer, 2002 375 3250
Honda Civic, 1998 650 2100
GMC 300, 1983 325 975
Chrysler Sebring, 2002 325 1900
Toyota Tacoma, 2002 725 3250
Audi A7, 2008 675 4300
Ford - F-350, 2003 375 2300
Jeep Wrangler, 2006 350 1900
Honda Civic, 1999 675 1350
Ford - F-450, 1995 375 2300
Jeep Cherokee, 1991 750 2700
Saturn Ion, 2007 375 1900
Chevrolet Cavalier, 2001 425 2100
Ford Focus, 2014 475 1900
Volkswagen Beetle, 2003 275 1500
Toyota Corolla, 2005 350 1850
Mazda Protege, 2002 400 2100
Ford Ranger, 2008 525 2375
Ford Ranger, 1991 575 5850
Honda Odyssey, 2008 325 1100
Dodge - Ram 2500, 1968 450 3750
Mercedes-Benz S (all), 1980 350 3250
Jeep Liberty, 2005 475 2100
Chevrolet Colorado, 2006 975 7250
Ford Ranger, 1999 275 1600
Chevrolet 3500, 1990 375 1100
Nissan Altima, 2014 750 5750
Nissan Xterra, 2000 875 3100
Honda Accord Hybrid, 2005 575 2375
Ford - Expedition, 2003 750 2900
Dodge Durango, 2001 775 7100
Hyundai Elantra, 2007 425 2300
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We’re open Mon-Fri: 8 am - 8 pm, Sat: 8 am - 3 pm

Average MPG by Most Popular US Cars

Fuel economy is one of the key factors to consider when buying a vehicle, in addition to the comfort, price, safety, and modern design of your new four-wheel companion. So, when you’ve made up your mind about how much money you are ready to spend on your purchase, it’s also worth looking into mileage per gallon (MPG), since this figure will directly impact your vehicle’s running cost.  

The miles per gallon calculator is a smart online tool that will enable you to estimate fuel consumption when planning your next trip or breaking down monthly costs. Likewise, knowing the gas mileage is essential to calculate the petrol volume you need to drive a specific distance. Otherwise, there is a great risk of getting stuck somewhere in the middle of the road with an empty tank. 

The table below outlines the average MPG rates for the most popular cars in the US in 2022.

Car Model

Highway MPG

City MPG

Honda Accord



Ford F-Series Pickup



Ram 1500



Honda Civic 



Toyota Camry



Nissan Altima



Toyota Corolla 



Chevrolet Silverado 



Chevrolet Malibu



Ford Fusion 



Hyundai Sonata



What Affects the Car’s MPG

An MPG calculator relies on distance, fuel volume, and fuel cost, and works as a real mileage estimator for specific situations. Obviously enough, the higher the MPG, the higher the fuel efficiency rate.

In the meantime, the average MPG rate varies by car make, model, year, and age, and depends on driving speed. Thus, driving on a highway at a consistent speed will reduce fuel usage, and stop-and-go city traffic will produce the opposite result. However, there are a number of other factors and aspects that impact fuel efficiency:

  • Driving style: Aggressive and speedy driving, as well as intermittent braking and acceleration, will noticeably increase fuel consumption (up to 30%) and reduce your gas mileage accordingly;
  • Driving distance: Short distance drives will eat up more gas since it takes energy and time for your vehicle’s engine to warm up. For a comparison, lengthy trips are more cost-effective; 
  • Car maintenance: Regular and diligent car maintenance is the key to avoiding and preventing many problems with your vehicle. The same is true for optimizing fuel consumption. By changing oils, filters, and brake pads and cleaning filters, injectors, and sensors in time, you’ll naturally maximize the MPG rate;
  • Tires condition: Low tire pressure and worn tires work to increase road friction and make the engine consume more fuel to accelerate and maintain speed. Keep an eye on your tires’ condition to maintain fuel efficiency; 
  • Oil quality: By reducing the engine friction and taking care of engine parts, proper oil matters for your gas mileage as well. Synthetic oils changed on a regular basis will help level up the MPG; 
  • Climate and weather conditions: In cold weather, you need to heat your vehicle before heading on a trip. This will take more fuel accordingly. Hence, those who live in regions with a harsh cold climate report reduced gas mileage for their vehicles; 
  • Engine damage: Worn out or damaged engine parts and elements might drastically reduce the engine performance and cause a significant fuel consumption increase. Maintain your engine in a good serviceable condition to keep your gas mileage high;
  • Added loads: A vehicle loaded with passengers and cargo or towing a trailer or caravan will consume more fuel than the same vehicle driven empty. 

How to Calculate Miles per Gallon

Miles per gallon, or MPG, rate is the indicator of your vehicle’s gas efficiency. Though the actual gas mileage is influenced by many factors, you can calculate an average figure on your own or by using an MPG cost calculator.   

Before doing any calculations, you need to have the following info at hand:

  • Driven mileage;
  • Consumed fuel in gallons.

You can either take an estimated distance and average gas consumption rate, or make actual measurements by recording how much fuel your vehicle consumes when driving a certain distance.

The general calculation formula is as follows:

Miles Traveled / Gallons Used = Miles per Gallon

Meanwhile, an average MPG calculator will save you the trouble of doing the math and help you plan your trips and calculate car-related expenses in a more efficient manner. Besides, you’ll be able to calculate not only in miles and gallons but also in liters and kilometers. 

Consider Selling Your Totaled Car to JunkCarsUS

If you notice that your vehicle eats up too much fuel and no tweaks help, it might be the right time to switch to a new model or even consider buying an electric car. And JunkCarsUS will readily buy your old vehicle, whatever its state. 

Whether you seek to sell your fire-damaged car or even a heavily damaged vehicle after a serious car crash or collision, feel free to contact us. And you can use our total loss value car calculator to get an initial price estimate. 


How do I figure miles per gallon?

There are two options in front of you. You can use the average miles per gallon calculator or you can calculate the gas mileage on your own by:

  1. Recording the mileage driven;
  2. Figuring out the fuel gallons used to cover the above distance
  3. Diving the mileage by gallons to get an MPG rate for that trip

How do I know my fuel tank volume?

Depending on your car size, it has a 12 to 16-gallon tank. To know for sure, you can refer to the owner manual for your vehicle or simply google your car make and model. 

How to increase my car’s MPG rate?

Car manufacturers normally specify the average MPG rates for highways and city drives. Yet, those figures can change under the impact of multiple other factors. To improve your gas mileage and maintain it at an optimal level, watch your driving style and ensure your vehicle is in a serviceable condition and is duly maintained.

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