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Examples of our junk car estimation

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Vehicle Minimum Paid Maximum Paid
Dodge Challenger, 2010 375 2400
Ford Econoline Vans, 1981 250 750
Chevrolet 3500, 1990 375 1100
Volkswagen Routan, 2011 450 2700
Toyota Camry, 2003 500 2250
Dodge Dakota, 2003 595 3200
Ford Bronco, 1996 450 3700
Ford Excursion, 2000 475 3200
Dodge - Ram 1500, 1998 875 3650
Ford Fiesta, 2017 250 3500
Nissan Maxima, 2003 425 2100
Dodge Intrepid, 2000 325 1900
Toyota Corolla, 2006 475 2000
Ford Explorer, 2003 375 2375
Volkswagen Jetta, 2006 350 1200
Jeep Grand Cherokee, 1999 575 3100
Lexus - ES 300, 1997 375 3700
Jeep Liberty, 2004 575 2250
Dodge W150, 1976 350 1300
Jeep Compass, 2007 375 3250
Volvo S60, 2008 750 3200
Nissan Altima, 2005 425 3200
Honda Civic, 2001 325 1350
Nissan Versa Note, 2015 525 1775
Volkswagen Beetle, 2005 750 3100
Ford Fusion, 2006 425 2599
Ford - Expedition, 1998 950 3975
Chevrolet - Express 3500, 1989 450 1775
Kia Spectra5, 2005 750 2300
Isuzu Trooper, 2001 475 2300
Dodge Dakota, 2000 675 3750
Buick Rendezvous, 2003 425 2300
Honda CR-V, 1999 325 2350
Dodge Caravan, 2006 275 975
Toyota Corolla, 2007 325 1395
Nissan Murano, 2004 675 2300
Mercedes-Benz - C-Class, 2010 375 975
Buick Century, 2003 425 1750
Cadillac STS, 2013 375 1900
Hummer H3, 2009 625 3700
Ford - E350, 1987 450 2900
Hyundai Tiburon, 2006 325 1900
Ford Windstar, 1999 350 3500
Volvo Coupe, 2007 325 2100
Chevrolet - Van, 2001 250 750
Toyota Prius, 2010 375 1900
Chevrolet Captiva Sport, 2014 750 7900
Pontiac G6, 2006 475 1900
Chevrolet Impala, 2003 450 2100
Nissan Versa, 2007 325 2350
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My car was stolen and when it was found and returned to me it was a total disaster. Rather than spending a century and a half of trying to get it back in shape I called Junkcarsus.com to see if they would take it off my hands. They asked me a little about the car and then made me an offer. The price and the service could not be better!

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Diesel vs Gas vs Electric Car Cost Calculator

As fossil fuel resources are running out, alternative energy sources are becoming more and more popular. For this reason, the popularity of electric cars has rapidly increased over the past years and keeps gaining pace. Yet another aspect that makes electric vehicles (EVs) strong competitors to gasoline cars is their emission-free and environment-friendly operation.

The globalist environmental trend aside, many drivers are also attracted by the chance to save some money on switching to battery-powered or hybrid vehicles. If this idea also speaks to you, and you want to assess how switching from fuel to electricity will impact your monthly and long-term expenses, an electric vehicle calculator will come to your aid. 

Gas vs Electric Car Cost Calculator

An electric car calculator is an online tool smartly designed to estimate savings when swapping your good old car driven by an internal combustion engine to an electric vehicle.

Our tool is created to provide the most accurate estimation results, taking into account varying fuel prices by state. With minimum input info, you’ll be able to compare not only the running cost of existing gas vs electric vehicles but also prospective costs for any upcoming models.

While our EV calculator will automatically display average fuel and electricity prices as soon as you pick the state from the list, other data you will need to enter on your own. This includes the average mileage estimates, fuel consumption and electricity consumption details for the car models you match, car purchase price, and years of ownership.

With the EV cost calculator from Junkcarus, you’ll be able to evaluate and compare fuel costs per mile, annual fuel expenses, and vehicle total costs to see how soon the car investments will pay off.

Diesel vs Gas vs Electric Car: Pros and Cons

The market of modern vehicles is quite diverse and abounds in options to meet different driver needs. Tried and tested gas cars have been around for decades, ensuring the driving experience we’re all used to. At some point, diesel vehicles appeared to be a more affordable alternative to gas models, and, as such, they are not new to this market as well.

When it comes to electric models, electricity has been in the automobile industry for quite a while. EV1 from GM and Toyota Prius were booming at the beginning of the 2000s. Yet, electric cars entered the mass market sector and settled in our common lives only after the rise of Tesla luxury cars that pushed other automobile producers to venture into this area.

To understand which car will best work for you and how battery-powered vehicles stack up against other models, you should first look into the benefits and drawbacks of each type.

Diesel Car

Gas Car

Electric Car


  • Best mileage ensured by the most efficient fuel consumption;
  • Better engine durability and longer service life;
  • About 20% lower emissions as compared to gas;
  • More torque power for excellent driving and towing experience.
  • Lower purchase price as compared to other car types;
  • Easier and more affordable maintenance; 
  • Gasoline is relatively cheap;
  • High fuel price to efficiency ratio;
  • Smoother ride and more responsive engine control;
  • Wider and more diverse model range.
  • An entirely eco-friendly vehicle thanks to no-emission engine operation;
  • Nearly noiseless drive;
  • Much lower fuel costs since you can charge it even from home;
  • Lower need for routine maintenance results in lower maintenance and repair costs; 
  • Hard-to-match drive quality distinguished by exceptional smoothness and responsiveness; 


  • Noticeably higher vehicle cost;
  • Rather expensive diesel fuel price;
  • Pricey maintenance;
  • High NO2 emission levels;
  • Noisy engine operation.
  • Lower fuel efficiency and, as a result, lower mileage output as compared to diesel vehicles;
  • High CO2 emission levels;
  • Shorter engine lifespan;
  • Higher depreciation rate and lower resale cost.
  • Limited charging infrastructure that requires accurately planning your trips around the charging stations;
  • Longer battery recharge that might take a few hours; 
  • High vehicle cost that falls within a premium price range for gasoline cars. 

Though each type of vehicle has its pros and cons and performs better than others under some conditions, electric vehicles are certainly the future of the automobile industry and our auto world overall. Electric car technology isn’t standing still. Contemporary studies show that battery-powered vehicles will dominate the global automobile markets in about ten years.

Average Savings in Buying an Electric Vehicle

With gas prices showing consistent growth and modern car battery charge sufficing for up to 300 miles, electric cars are confidently taking over gas cars. Though EV prices still stand at the higher end of the price range, these cars pay off quicker in the long run than their gas prototypes. 

To be more specific in numbers, electric vehicle prices are 10% to 40% higher than those of similar gasoline cars. However, your savings on the EV ownership costs during the car service life will fall between $6,000 to $10,000, perfectly compensating for the initial vehicle price gap. 

Speaking of fuel savings, an EV will enable you to reduce your fuelling budget by about $1000 annually and cut down your overall car maintenance and repair costs by $5000 over the car lifespan. 

With our electric car savings calculator, you can assess your saving opportunities in every detail when you are on the verge of buying a new car and choosing between gas and electric vehicles.

Consider Selling Your Old Gas Car to Junkcarsus

If you are planning to replace your damaged, broken, non-running, or simply well-used gas or diesel car with a new Nissan Leaf or Tesla, we can help you get rid of the old vehicle and source some money for the upcoming purchase. 

At Junkcarsus, we accept cars in any condition. We even buy scrap cars and always ensure the highest price. Call us for a quote, or do your own estimates by using our totaled car calculator.


How much money do you save with an electric car?

Electric vehicles call for higher initial investments than gas models. Yet, they offer significant savings in the course of use. Thus, on fuel alone you can save $1000 or even more per year, while long-term savings on ownership costs will easily compensate for a higher vehicle price.

Does an electric vehicle cost calculator provide reliable results?

This type of online tool is usually elaborated with state-specific average fuel rates in mind, and the accuracy of the final calculation will also depend on the accuracy of your input data.

What will the EV calculator show me?

It will show you the EV running cost compared to traditional vehicles so that you can evaluate your future purchase efficiency and estimate your saving potential.

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