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How Do You Get Paid?

If you are wondering: “how is it possible I can get paid the same day you come look at my car?” the answer is that we do not make promises we cannot keep. When you get in touch and make an appointment, we will come to you when you said, take a look at your car, and get you paid. It is just that simple!

There will be no hidden fees, no surprises, and no haggling with our staff members. Our upfront instant quote that we give you on the phone when we first book your appointment is the amount of money you will get on the same day you make your appointment.

How Do We Evaluate Your Vehicle?

No one likes lengthy and tiresome processes for selling out cars. We understand your worry and that is the reason we have set a clear, easy car selling process for our esteemed clients. Once you set an appointment with us, we will inform our representative to drop at your place and he will inspect your car to verify the details you have provided to us.

Once the inspection is done, he will complete all the paperwork and documentation required for the deal and offer you the cash instantly. See, how easy and simple the process is!

Also, if you don`t have a title for your car and you wonder, can I sell my car without the title? The answer is yes! We will immediately ensure that you get a duplicate title for your car.

Examples of our junk car estimation

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Vehicle Minimum Paid Maximum Paid
Chevrolet - Van, 2001 250 750
Land Rover Range Rover Sport, 2010 975 19000
Dodge Dakota, 2000 675 3750
Chevrolet Impala, 2007 325 1100
Buick Century, 1956 275 1900
Ford Aerostar, 0 275 1350
GMC 1500, 1990 1100 4300
Dodge Neon, 2003 500 1900
Volkswagen Beetle, 1965 200 1600
Dodge - Ram 1500, 1998 875 3650
Pontiac Firebird, 1987 775 2350
Chevrolet 1500, 1989 650 3100
Hyundai Elantra, 2015 975 7500
Honda Accord, 2004 425 1900
Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class, 1988 200 750
Ford Regency, 1992 375 1900
Dodge Durango, 2001 775 7100
Ford Taurus X, 2008 425 2500
Buick LeSabre, 1973 250 1350
Chevrolet Cobalt, 2009 450 1900
Chevrolet 3500, 1983 250 1950
Honda Accord, 2000 575 2300
Lincoln Continental, 1964 200 875
Chevrolet Equinox, 2007 775 4300
Dodge Van, 1972 375 750
Cadillac CTS, 2007 375 750
Ford Taurus, 2000 725 1825
Hyundai Santa Fe, 2001 475 2700
Honda Insight, 2010 325 1350
BMW - 328, 2007 575 4250
Volkswagen Beetle, 1999 475 3750
Ford - F-250, 2001 750 7250
Volkswagen Passat, 2002 875 2850
Volvo 240, 1990 250 1875
Jeep Cherokee, 2003 350 1750
BMW - 328, 2011 775 7200
Kia Spectra5, 2005 750 2300
Ford Mustang, 1966 425 2750
Kia Optima, 2007 425 1900
Volvo S60, 2008 575 3100
Ford Five Hundred, 2005 375 1900
Chrysler Sebring, 2007 650 1975
smart ForTwo, 2009 250 1600
Ford - F-150, 2001 950 7500
Nissan Versa, 2011 325 1300
Ford Fusion, 2010 450 2100
International MXT, 1974 1575 3900
Mazda Mazda6, 2007 425 2300
Buick Park Avenue, 1991 575 2300
Toyota Pickup, 1991 475 2900

We’re open Mon-Fri: 8 am - 8 pm, Sat: 8 am - 3 pm

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Types of Vehicles We Buy

About Selling a Junk Car in Flagstaff, Arizona

→ How much Cash can I get for my car in Flagstaff?
We guarantee not only High-Quality Service, but also the Highest Price for your car in Flagstaff. The amount you get will depend on the Year, Make and Model of your vehicle and the general condition of your car. We also buy cars that are damaged.
→ I need my car picked up ASAP. Is there any way to speed up the process?
Yes! We provide Same-Day pick-up service in Flagstaff. Our experts can meet you when it is most convenient for you.
→ What documentation do I need to sell the vehicle?
Generally, a title shows the vehicle’s ownership, but we can still buy your junk car in Flagstaff even without a title.

How to Sell My Junk Car in Flagstaff, AZ

If you have an old non-running vehicle that you want to send to scrap, and at the same time, get cash for it, our company is glad to help you. There are three simple steps you need to complete:

Step 1. Call Us

Tell us about your vehicle

Step 2. Get an Offer

We guarantee the security of all payments. You may choose the most suitable payment method.

Step 3. Wait for Us to Come to You

You will get access to all available features immediately.

We’re open Mon-Fri: 8 am - 8 pm, Sat: 8 am - 3 pm Call us now at (855) 547-1550

Receive a guaranteed highest-priced quote for your junk car from the best junk car buyer by filling out the form online.

What Type Of Junk Car do You Want To Sell?

You might want to sell wrecked cars or damaged cars and you might be getting not-so-good deals for such cars. Fortunately, we accept all types of damaged cars and ensure top dollar paid to the clients for their cars. It doesn`t matter if your car has some key parts missing. Just sell it to us after getting the best price from us.

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Sell Your Junk Car in Flagstaff

We’re sure you will conduct a complete scan of the internet to check which are the best dealers where you can sell wrecked cars in your area. Now that you are on this page, we are certain you have come to know that we are the most sought-after wrecked car dealer for all those who hit a search for, “How to sell my junk car in Flagstaff, AZ?

No doubt you may think, there are plenty of wrecked car dealers near me. But not many will offer you same-day pickup, and we are certain that no one will offer you the Highest Price on the market except us!

Look no further, we are your best bet to sell your damaged car across all places in Flagstaff. Call us today, and we shall convert your wrecked car into cash in no time.

We Pay Cash for Junk Cars in Flagstaff, Arizona

Do you have an old beat-up car that just doesn`t drive anymore and you don`t know what to do with it? Let us show you a simple answer because we buy junk cars in Flagstaff. Call us now and we can pick up that old beater and buy it from you for money in Flagstaff, AZ. The Highest Price for your old car is guaranteed!

Why not turn that rusting pile of junk into cash in your pocket right now. All you really need to do is give us a call and give us a little bit of information about your car, like the year, make and model plus the VIN number and then we will provide you with an instant quote while you`re on the phone. You can receive cash for junk cars in Flagstaff, AZ with same-day pick-up guaranteed!


March 1, 2024 Hayden White

These guys were simply awesome. I had an old beater that I did not know what to do with. I gave them a call and they made me an offer right then on the phone. The best part was that they were able to come out that very day and take away my car. Simply amazing!

5.0 / 5
April 1, 2024 Sara Bryant

My 19 years old Chevy had been in three different accidents. When I started making calls to see if I could sell it, most people would not give me the time of day. As a last resort, I called Junkcarsus.com and was amazed that not only were they willing to take my car, they gave me a great price for it. The pickup process itself could not have been easier!

5.0 / 5
April 11, 2024 Ethan White

I had an old car that I wanted to sell but had lost the title. I really didn't want to go through the hassle of trying to get a new title just to sell a beat-up old car. Junkcarsus team helped me to quickly get a replacement title, and their price made me really happy : )

5.0 / 5

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