How much cash can I get by selling a running car?

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Let’s review factors that affect how much cash for the running vehicle you can get:

Condition of the Car

Obviously, the better the condition of your used car, the more you can get in exchange for it. Wrecked, flooded, and just non-running cars are way cheaper than used but still ready to drive autos. So, don’t neglect timely technical maintenance.


The distance that your car has traveled is another critical factor. Even if the car seems to be in good condition, the high mileage indicates that its normal usage time is coming to an end. That’s what may instantly lower the pricing.

Model and Brand

More expensive car models still cost a lot, even if they are severely used. At the same time, budget-friendly models lose a more significant portion of their price. As for car brands, it’s a slightly more tricky aspect. Some brands, such as Lexus or Toyota, are known for being more reliable, meaning that their cars are still nearly as good as new after years of usage. It’s hard to say the same about many other brands.

If you need a rough assessment of how much you may get in exchange for your car, consider using the Car Value Calculator. It will provide you with an appropriate quote in just a few clicks.

  • Which low-priced car should you choose to buy? (sedans and mini-cars)

  1. Nissan Versa 2022 (Base price — $16,205)

The Nissan Versa has always been marketed as a producer of nice cheap cars, but the 2022 model adds a layer of visual upgrades that makes it appear less basic than the 2021 version. With the new sharp design, you might mistake the Versa for the more expensive Nissan Altima. It comes standard with security features like front and rear-automated emergency braking, automatic beam lights, and lane-departure warning.

  1. Mitsubishi Mirage 2022 (Base price – $16,125)

The Mitsubishi Mirage 2022 is nearly America's cheapest new car. The hatchback and G4 sedan base versions both come with the same 78-hp three-cylinder engine and a standard five-speed manual. Although the engine might take a while to accelerate, it has great fuel economy.

  1. Chevrolet Spark 2022 (Base price – $14,595)

Sadly, the Spark will be phased out in 2023, and we might lose one of the better alternatives in the cheap vehicles department. The Spark has been America's cheapest new car since 2020. This model has a fuel economy of 38 mpg, making it one of the most fuel-efficient affordable cars on the market. Unfortunately, it takes a bit of a hit in reliability due to the absence of conventional safety features. 

Those are the 3 cheapest but most reliable sedans and mini cars you can buy brand new. Other options include the following;

  1. 2022 Kia Rio (Starting at $16,150)
  2. 2022 Hyundai Accent (Starting at $16,645)
  3. 2022 Kia Forte (Starting at $19,090)
  4. 2022 Nissan Sentra (Starting at $19,510)
  5. 2022 Hyundai Elantra (Starting at $19,950)

  • Which low-priced car should you choose to buy? (SUV category)

  1. Nissan Kicks 2022 (Base price — $20,875)

If you want an SUV but only feel okay with the standard things that come with a regular vanilla SUV, then the Nissan Kicks is the right choice for you. This car does away with options that you may not need, such as all-wheel drive. It is a quiet vehicle that rides well and has easy controls. The 2022 version is a good subcompact SUV with plenty of cargo space and comfortable seating for a vehicle this size.

  1. Kia Soul 2022 (Base price — $20,365)

The Kia Soul is hard to miss. It has a boxy and quirky external appearance that catches your attention. It is technically classified as a small SUV, but has a spacious interior. Despite being the second-cheapest SUV on this list, the Kia Soul even had a significant price rise for 2022, meaning it was even cheaper before!

  1. Hyundai Venue 2022 (Base price — $20,125)

So, the cheapest SUV available isn't much of an SUV, but the Hyundai Venue, which is designed to look like one. It has front-wheel drive and appears to be more of a sedan than an SUV, but it is the most affordable one.

We’re done with the 3 cheapest but most reliable sedans/mini-cars and SUVs you can buy brand new. Here are other affordable SUVs;

  1. 2022 Subaru Crosstrek - a lifted Impreza hatchback (Starting at $23,000)
  2. 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross, $23,410
  3. 2022 Mazda CX-30 (Starting at $23,425)
  4. 2022 Kia Seltos (Starting at $23,665)
  5. 2022 Volkswagen Tiguan (Starting at $24,295)

  • Which low-priced car should you choose to buy? (Truck/Pick-up category)

  1. Chevy Colorado 2022 (Base price — $27,000)

The Chevrolet Colorado is less expensive than most large trucks, and it was even cheaper a few years ago. The Colorado base models now begin with the Work Truck variant, which is many thousand dollars more expensive than prior base models. The Chevrolet Colorado 2022 has excellent dependability ratings, with an annual repair cost of roughly $600.

  1. Toyota Tacoma 2022 (Base price — $27,980)

The Toyota Tacoma is one of the best-selling trucks in the world because of Toyota's long-standing reputation for reliability. The 2022 version is a well-built truck that still goes with a low price. Toyota's trucks are regarded for their mechanical durability and exceptional build quality. For a midsize truck, the Toyota Tacoma has a good reliability rating. It has lower than average ownership expenses, as the yearly repair cost is roughly $480.

  1. Ford Maverick 2022 (Base price — $20,995)

The Maverick is a new compact pick-up truck based on Ford's Bronco Sport and Escape SUVs. It is a new player in the compact truck category, with prices starting slightly under $21,000, which makes this car an inexpensive option. It features a smooth ride, good maneuverability, and good gas mileage.

Below are 3 more options for low-cost brand-new trucks;

  1. 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz (Starting at $25,215)
  2. 2022 Ford Ranger (Starting at $26,580)
  3. 2022 GMC Canyon (Starting at $27,755)

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Receive a guaranteed highest-priced quote for your junk car from the best junk car buyer by filling out the form online.

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